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World of Final Fantasy game walks a thin tightrope. It needs to be two things to two different types of individuals as it attempts to attract new, younger players who like JRPG gameplay and characters who wouldn’t be out of place in a tween-friendly animation show while offering substantial doses of nostalgia, more tactical systems for longtime series collection devotees. For the first 15 hours, it is quite successful at doing both – but once the challenge vanishes, the happiness of seeing all your favorite Final Fantasy characters and creatures immediately gives way to repetition.





Game Features

In World of Final Fantasy gameplay, you play as youthful twins Reynn and Lann, that have found themselves without memories in a magic world full of miniature, Funko Pop-shaped characters and monsters known as Lilikins. They refer to Reynn and Lann as ‘Jiants’, as they have the ability to change between standard and Lilikin size at will, and can capture and exploit the power of the numerous ‘mirages’ who roam the area. Within the first few minutes of playing, you are treated to a Kingdom Hearts-ian, but what saves World of Final Fantasy from completely derailing is its readiness to make fun of itself continuously. Our heroes are not afraid to mock each other over their inability to understand the complicated net of prophecies that rule the land or joke about the ridiculousness of riding in a train ran by a sentient Cactuar.

The secret to regaining your recollections and purging the land of bad lies in your journey across Grymoire to locate a string of keys and this is how World of Final Fantasy slots in its references and callbacks. The game almost starts in Corneria, the main town in the first Final Fantasy, and as you progress, you will meet familiar faces like Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud and Tifa, and see recognizable places like Final Fantasy 10’s sundrenched Besaid Island. Buffs will get more out of these references, as World of Final Fantasy sends up everything from Tidus’ silly trick to Lightning’s amusing patience, but it also does a decent job supplying new players with enough portrayal that they will have the ability to comprehend motivations even if they do not get all of its references. With a clean, cartoony style and feeling and astonishingly high production game quality, it is difficult not to fall in love with its charms, even when the storyline goes into complete plot twist melodrama way about 20 hours in-game.

The fight is as much a mix of new thoughts and tried and true Final Fantasy tropes as the story, and for the first dozen or so hours, it is really lots of entertaining. Battle flow harkens back to the quasi-real time/move-based Active Time Battle system of yore, where characters take turns picking from a menu of approaches and special skills, and turn sequence can be changed by the individual agility evaluation of each character, in addition to by various spells and buffs. As Jiants, Reynn and Lann really are able to get mirages and after that use them in battle, not unlike Pokemon.

Where World of Final Fantasy extremely diverges from that monster-catching RPG is in how you construct your bash out with those monsters. Here, you will form stacks of three characters – one big, moderate, and small – and each stack is a mixture of the individual components’ stats, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. A monster may have a chain of fire charms and be weak against water, and if you add that monster to the underside of a stack, those characteristics apply to the entire tower. Stacks are consistently more powerful than individual characters, but there are times when you might want to pile characters, whether it is to reduce the opportunity for getting hit by a strong charm or to permit multiple characters the opportunity to use things before the enemy gets a move in. Stacks may also be toppled over if hit with enough power, and enemies can come in stacks too, so everything that applies to you applies to them as well.

There are a couple of fights following this point that needs just a little bit more effort, but for the most part, are just easy. Between all of the choices in the Mirage Board, the Champs you can unlock which summon classic Final Fantasy characters to perform strong strikes, the Mirajewels you can equip which give Reynn and Lann added powers outside of their own stacks, there are simply too many chances accessible to break the game and steamroll through the back half once you determine how everything fits together.

World of Final Fantasy would have been an easy recommendation. The storyline may be up there on the anime junk scale, but finally, it is an enjoyable, bubbling cartoon-inspired romp through the greatest hits of Final Fantasy characters, places, creatures, and melodies, and its battle system is truly entertaining. For fans of the Final Fantasy series, getting to see Edgar from Final Fantasy 6 hang out with Vivi from Final Fantasy 9 is a rare surprise, and for starters, it is a weird, charming story full of unique concepts you could just get from Final Fantasy.

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