Pokémon Go Game Review


About The Game

Prepare for an all-new Pokémon encounter!

Pokémon GO opens a universe of Pokémon to discover, catch, and battle in your iPhone or Android devices! With Pokémon GO, you will find Pokémon in a completely new universe—your own! Pokémon GO will use actual location information allowing players to experience capturing, trading, and fighting Pokémon.

Augmented reality (AR) is an excellent gimmick. There is something very cool at considering an ordinary room you hang out in every day – and seeing a real, transferring Pokémon.





Game Features

Pokémon GO makes good on the guarantee of having the ability to discover, catch, train, and battle Pokémon in augmented reality world, and we’ve picked up a few useful tricks to assist you to in your quest to be always a Pokémon master.

Get ‘em all

Until you have a lifestyle that packs in lots of traveling you’ll probably strike lots of the same types of Pokémon when you are on an outing but don’t fret, that’s really a great thing and in fact an essential part of how you can advance as a trainer. When you catch a Pokémon you’ll see that it includes a couple of additional goodies, specifically in the form of something called ‘Stardust’ and sweet unique to that strain of Pokémon.

If you need to reinforce your Pokémon up immediately, or really develop them, getting lots of precisely the same Pokémon strain is the only (free) surefire method to ensure which you have the needed equipment to toughen up your Pokémon for those all important gym battle. Catching every Pokémon you encounter may also help speed through those first five experience levels also.

Not all Pokéstops are created equal

Niantic Labs – the team behind Pokémon GO had a preceding title called Ingress, that centered around place-based gameplay in quite a similar manner. You may have discovered that Pokéstops appear on real world landmarks, major places and other important points of interest, but seeing some can be more valuable than others, just like the programmer’s last match.

Whilst this isn’t an absolute guarantee, a rule of thumb is the larger and more well-known the landmark is, the greater the loot you’ll receive when you see it. Most run-of-the-mill Pokéstops will dole out two or three Pokéballs and, on occasion, the odd potion, but head to your more important P.O.I and you’ll probably land greater than three things or at least more useful/strong things in one visit.

Here be pocket creatures

It’s not only the road layouts of the real world that marry up with the world of Pokémon GO, you’ll also see that greenland, for example, parks or gardens, together with waterways, rivers, and oceans are all additionally accounted for – these are all excellent locations to locate Pokémon if you’re fighting.

Watch out for rustling leaves, suggesting at where critters may be lurking and just hang out in a suspected area for the increased probability of an encounter. Not all Pokémon stick to an identical time frame either, many players have reported finding more psychic, fairy and phantom sorts in the evening or at night, so if you’re attempting to bag the likes of a Clefairy or a Haunter, you might must pull a late one to be able to track them down.

As with rustling grass, hanging out near sources of water may also increase the potential for running into water-type Pokémon.

What’s with the footprints?

When on the hunt for Pokémon you may have seen the small footprint icons next to the various pocket creatures allegedly in your present area. In the current construct of the game at least, it’s never really described what those footprints mean, but we can verify they refer to space.

The fewer footsteps there are, the more likely you happen to be to meeting a special Pokémon. Think of it as the game’s manner of telling you ‘hotter or chiller’.

PokeStops Refresh Frequently

If you chance to live, work, or simply be in a place near among the PokeStops, you will see the color changes from blue to purple once socialized with. If you hang around the place for a bit, you’ll discover it goes back to its blue colour after 5 or so minutes (times can change), letting you easily stock on Poke Balls, and obtain 50 XP a soda, which can be useful if you find yourself stuck somewhere where Pokemon will not be appearing.

Transfer Duplicate Pokemon For Candies

Leveling Pokemon does not work the same as other games since you do not fight Pokemon in the wild. Instead, each Pokemon caught will come with a few of that Pokemon’s candies, along with Stardust. These two things should be assembled to train your Pokemon, and the candies, specifically, is needed to evolve a Pokemon.

A simple method to get more sweet would be to transfer any duplicate Pokemon you catch in the wild. Transfer one and you will be honored with a Squirtle sweet. It is important to never pass up a Pokemon you discover – even if you already have that one!

Pokemon and PokeStops in Movement

Whether you are on a bus, in an automobile, taking a train, or whatever — you will discover you could still play Pokemon Go on the go and your avatar will faithfully run down the roads to keep up. This can be both a boon and a bane because you will frequently pass through several possible PokeStops or Pokemon.

It is crucial that you notice that when socializing with PokeStops if you leave the place, you will not be capable of completing interacting with it — and interaction is frequently best saved when you are slowing down or halted in a moving vehicle. Nevertheless, any Pokemon which is struck and engaged will remain with you, allowing you to catch them at your convenience.

Always remember please do not play Pokemon and drive!

Trainer Level Impacts Rare Pokemons

As exciting as researching new and unknown areas for Pokemon are, you will not have to endure the most dangerous places on Earth to locate rare Pokemon – instead your private amount will order the rarity of Pokemon that appear. To begin, you will frequently fall upon fundamental Pokemon (Zubats, Charmanders, Weedles, etc) but as you get in amount, there will be an improved potential for locating both Pokemon with higher Battle Stages, and rare Pokemon generally.

Tougher and more rare Pokemon will generally be more difficult to catch – a green ring means a straightforward grab, yellowish tougher, and then orange and reddish. Hard Pokemon may frequently break from a Pokeball, as well as run away. Consider using Things to allow it to be simpler before attempting against these Pokemon.

Egg Hatching Distance Measuring

When attempting to incubate a Pokemon Egg, you will need to go a distance of several kilometers (typically 2 to 5). While you might be tempted to just drive the space, there is more to it than the distance traveled. Pokemon Go uses both your telephone’s pedometer along with the GPS to compute how much you have really walked and seems to restrict your distance traveled if it clocks you going at high rates.

Note: If you choose to walk, the app must remain working and you must be logged in and playing for it to count your steps.

Get Freebies at Gym

As soon as you reached level 5, it is possible to eventually see Pokemon Gyms and battle against other trainers. If you see a gym with your team’s color – or take over among the opposing colors, it is possible to save your Pokemon there and become a Gym Defender. Afterward it is possible to check the Store tab and click the shield icon to get your Defender Bonus for free PokeCoins and Stardust. Check back every 20~ hours or as long as your Pokemon haven’t been defeated and to receive more (the amount may change according to how many Pokemon you’ve got in the gym or their Battle Points).

Battle Will Not Be Turn Based

Contrary to most Pokemon games, Gym Battle in Pokemon Go aren’t turn-based battle system – though attacks can not be literally spammed either. To combat, just tap the display, and your Pokemon will do its first strike the moment it’s started. To perform a special attack, you need to hold down on the display and release. You can also do another type of special attack but you will require charging the meter below a Pokemon’s HP bar until it is fully charged – different special attacks have different meters. To dodge, swipe to the sides before the strike hits from your opponent.

It’s possible for you to tell which move is the Pokemon’s special attack and which is its particular by the order the moves are recorded in. As an example, this Ekans will use Acid, and will just have the capacity to assault with Sludge Blast when one or both of the bars are filled by utilizing Acid first.

Nearby Pokemon Can Be Summoned

When on the map, in the bottom right corner you will get a tab that lists any nearby Pokemon. Most of these Pokemon should have lots of 1 to 3 footprints under them, with 1 equaling close and 3 equaling further away. Nevertheless, occasionally you may find that the Pokemon recorded has no footprints – monitor that Pokemon by tapping on it, and it should pop through to the map in several seconds.

Notice that just seeing a plot of moving grass on the map does not always mean a Pokemon will instantly pop up if you are close enough – but some will frequently appear if you walk around the place long enough.

Make the Most of the Battery Saver

Pokemon Go has an option in the settings to start a Battery Saver way, but it does not actually describe what that does – in fact, only turning it on will not do much of anything.

To use Battery Saver, once turned on, just turn your phone upside down, and the screen will darken to show a vague Pokemon Go symbol. The game will nevertheless be on, and will still monitor your movements – you only will not see it. Nevertheless, you are going to still get a telling or rumble if you approach a Pokestop or a Pokemon appears, in order to immediately pull the phone from your pocket to socialize!

Check in at PokeStops!

Look on your own map for the blue icons that show Pokestops.

These blue icons in many cases are landmarks, sculptures, notable buildings and more, and becoming close to and interacting with them will score you free things like Poke Balls to capture Pokemon, Eggs to hatch Pokemon, and upon reaching level 5 – Potions and Revives to cure your Pokemon from Gym Battles.

To use the Pokestop, you must move your character near enough to activate it (there is a ring around your character that reveals how close you’re). Once you have it activated, you must click on the blue icon, then swipe to spin the blue disc that reveals a graphic of the area in your display. This will release things. You are able to either click to gather them, or just leave the Pokestop and they’re going to be rolled up anyways.

Notice that you have to stay near the Pokestop to get the items, which may be hard in moving vehicles!

Popular Areas Equal More PokeStops

If you are in quite a solitary place, consider taking a trip to a neighborhood park, mall, or other hotspots where you’re likely to find more points of interest that will, consequently, give you more free items.

Charge Your Phone Battery

This might appear like an obvious one, but Pokemon Go will drain your phone’s battery.

Some light hunting in the tall grass of your surroundings should be great on a half-energized phone, but for long expeditions along local courses, make sure you go out with a fully charged phone battery — and perhaps even bring a power bank along in case things go bad while catching a Pokemon. The program also contains a “Battery Saver” alternative in its Settings menu, which darkens and minimizes the game when the phone is upside down (rather in one’s pocket) but still tracks and alarms when Pokemon or PokeStops are struck.

With continuous server outages at the game’s start, the settings may occasionally be reset – so make sure you check the settings from time to time to makes sure battery saver continues to be empowered. Personalize Your Pokemon!

Here is a helpful guide to see the hierarchy of Pokemon rarity.

Are you still confused which team to join in?

It depends on how you wanted to play the game. Each team can give a special bonus effect.

Team Bonuses effects;

  • Team Instinct = Hatching bonus
  • Team Valor = Catching bonus
  • Team Mystic = Evolve bonus

Understanding Pokemon Go Stats


Pokémon Go is free to play, but there are, obviously, in-program purchases. For a just $149.99, you can purchase 14,500 Pokécoins! Or if this’s somewhat rich for you, the most economical purchase is 100 Pokécoins for $1.49.

You need Pokécoins to purchase more Pokéballs (100 coins for 20), along with boosters like incense (lure Pokémon to your own place for half an hour, for only 80 coins) and Lucky Eggs (double XP for 30 minutes for 80 coins each).

But that is a team game where you roam around the public, right? So you can even get Entice Modules, which bring Pokémon into a Pokéstop for half an hour.

Now, it does not seem like there is a method to get Pokécoins without paying actual cash. The great thing is it is possible to get free Pokéballs and other things by leveling up and at Pokéstops.

The game just started on July 6th, 2016,  and it is certainly been popular.

– Username should be super unique.

– If you set your mobile into sleep mode only after having successfully found a Pokemon (let’s say if you are playing this at work), it glitches outside and will not count it – but it’ll count the balls you used attempting to catch a Pokemon. The app also drains a lot your phone’s battery.

– You can not trade with or battle other trainers yet – once you are level 5 you can begin challenging the nearby gym, but there is nothing live. Maybe in near future updates trading and battling with others will be possible same as the trailer.

Catching A Pokemon Tips

Hatching Pokemon Eggs Made Easier

Game Trailer

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