Monster Legends Game Review


About The Game

Monster Legends is one of those Facebook games which can be played for entertainment purpose and it has got 5 million players on Facebook at present. People often get bored on surfing and finding the same old posts of Facebook, at that time they can play this game to utilize the time in good way. It is creative, ingenious and fun at the same time while minimum requirements are quite few. This makes it easy to play and accessible.






One of those exciting features of this game is that people can breed new kinds of species of monsters. This is very exciting and completely a new dimension is gaming. There are two ways one can fight monsters, one is in Adventure Mode and another is Monster Arena. But addiction will persist to complete the stages of this game. Newer means of playing will be discovered each and every time one plays this. Online gaming was never this fun before. Kids and grownups can now have fun together.

Game Features

In this game, one can fight monsters as well as breed new species of them. Newer missions keep coming in this game as soon as one gets completed. So it will develop addiction in a gamer, of playing this game.

The plot of this game is like a battle field or scattered lands on an ocean. It has got hilly area with stones lying around and cracked ground. Entire surrounding land is barren.

All characters of this game are some forms of mythical monster. They have been designed in typical ways to give unique look to each one of them. One can modify characters of this game even which adds more flexibility.

Playing this game will fetch you more and more feeds for your monsters. These feeds are necessary for your monsters to stay strong so that those can fight well with your opponents.

Game Trailer

The following YouTube link can also make you much familiar to the game:

You can visit the official forum of Monster Legends game to understand the game more.

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