Out of the Park Baseball 14 Game Review


About The Game

If you are interested in computer games, and baseball is your field of internet, then probably you must be aware of the fun and interesting game Out of the Park Baseball, which is popularly known in its abbreviated form that is OOTP. It all started in 1998, when Heinsohn decided to develop a baseball game, just for fun, since he considered the other computer games that were linked with baseball, to be mismanaged. Luckily, Heinsohn’s technique worked out, and it was soon that he realized that he could actually make money out of his own developed game. The latest version of the game is the Out of the Park Baseball 14, introduced in 2013, which had definitely gained lot of interest and attention from the players even before it was released. No doubt, the previous versions of OOTP have a role to play.






Game Features

The OOTP or the Out of the Park Baseball is considered as one of the best selling baseball games. No doubt, it has won a large number of rewards. No doubt, every year the designers come up with better features, which has led to the Out of the Park Baseball 14, coming out as one of the most realistic and customizable games. Not to mention the fact, that OOTP is on the path of being considered as one of the most immersive game on the planet.

As for the key features of the Out of the Park Baseball 14, released in 2013, they include:

  • The option for the player to manage his own franchise major league rosters, without reducing the minors
  • All historical sessions are included from 1871 onwards to the latest game of 2012
  • The player can adjust rules and create his own fictional leagues.
  • The player can opt for either multiplaying online or playing solo.

The OOTP 14 comes out to be more interesting and enthusiastic. This probably woes to the fact that there is a lot new to offer in the 213 version of the roster set. Some of the amazing parts of this game are:

  • There is a better coverage screen to depict the play off scene
  • International top prospects are included in the new system of originating new players
  • Real ball park diagrams are included in the webcast screen
  • Player development is another major achievement with the new version.


Game Trailer

The following YouTube link can also make you much familiar to the game:

You can visit the website of Out of the Park Baseball 14 game to understand the game more.

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