Mousecraft Game Review


About The Game 

MouseCraft is a kind of game with test, problem, and a matter of arranging or organizing blocks. Every loss of your effort from building a course, makes you think of other opportunities that can help your mice to make it to the right path, and find its way to the end. You don’t need to get all of your mice go through another level unless you are planning to have gold stars. In that case, this will become a major challenge for you to have the right strategy. However, blue shards are also valuable in every stage because this is also needed to unlock other stages of the game. In case you do not possess the suitable quantity of blue shards, you will have to resume previous level to get the other blue shards in order to go on.

If you think that Mousecraft gameplay is for kids only, I think you must try it first. This game will blow up your mind and push you to the limit of thinking on what tactics you will use just to finish every single level of the game. In totality, this game is useful since it can hone your brain while making your pastime enjoyable.





Game Features

MouseCraft is an online game that will manage to look at inspiration from two traditional games and also build something enjoyable. The fact we grew to be obsessed with being confident that every sensitive mouse managed to get throughout the hurdle training course lets you know just how addictive this kind of online game could be. MouseCraft is a wonderful online game with the remix of popular Tetris and lemming; you must create a safe passage for every mouse as possible as you can.

  • Prove your skill by playing the arcade mode in fast pace or test your mind in the puzzle mode.
  • Discover the epic tale of a silly cat scientist who is willing to explore the potential of mysterious mice powered machine.
  • Find your way to defeat obstacle and overcome the gaps to freely gather the collectibles by using every kind of blocks.

  • The crazy cat scientist, who is obsessed to unlock the potential of the mice using his machine.
  • The three blind mice who are really obsessed with the cheese.
  • In addition, Mousecraft also have level editor that you can edit and play. Inthese modes, you can make your own levels and experiment it.

Game Trailer

In order to have more insight into this game, you can watch this video from the following link:

You can visit the official website of Mousecraft game to understand the game more.

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