Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game Review


About The Game 

This game is all about seafaring. Just like how we view the normal pirates, looting and treasure hunting is the utmost agenda. Battling for loots is relevant for your further progress in this game. You can exchange your obtained cargo for improvement and hiring additional crew. The ship to ship battle is indeed exciting. You can move forward or backward to get in the way and reposition your ship to better aim the enemy ship. You must be sure and accurate in every projectile you will discharge towards the enemy ship. If you missed your shot, you have to wait for your weapon to cool down or charge up. At that moment, your enemy has the opportunity to shoot you back. So take a better aim and distance before you shoot your projectile to make a lethal damage on your enemy. If you are someone who has a good sense when it comes to measurement, this indeed will be your most powerful ability to increase your chances of winning a battle. It is just a matter of having a good sight on your target and the verge of winning will be in your hands.

The Assassin’s Creed Pirates is set and focus in the sea when you start your own voyage. You will be the captain of your own ship and recruit some crews to join in your journey. The nautical nature of this game will surely fascinate you if you are a big fan of the pirates. Vanquish every ship that you think would hinder the path of your success. Although, you are not only pirates in the Assassin’s Creed Pirates who seek fame and glory, getting to your objective will be not easy as you think.






Game Features

With full 3D graphics resolution, you will undoubtedly enjoy every battle scenario in the game. You will experience a realistic milieu in the game since The Assassin’s Creed Pirates gameplay is highly detailed. The game was released in iOS and Android platform. You can enjoy the game on your Tablet or Smartphone anytime and anywhere. Playing the Assassin’s Creed Pirates is really addicting, particularly when you start to upgrade your ship, recruiting crew and even manages your own armada. However, obtaining the status of the most renowned pirates is not easy as you think. The Templar will start to chase you and will bring you down. This as well is a part wherein your ability will be tested by evading or confronting them. However, even you successfully evaded the templar or defeated them, the other templar will always pursue on chasing you so prepare yourself for another battle.

  • Alonzo Batilla: Is a French pirate who’s been active in the sea of Caribbean in early 18th century. He befriended the renowned Frenchmen Olivier Levasseur.
  • Olivier Levasseur: was a French privateer who later turned to a pirate of the Caribbean. When he was about to be executed, Olivier Levasseur left a cryptogram indicating the location of his treasure. The treasure was sought by many, even Alonzo Batila wants to get the infamous treasure.

Game Trailer

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