Magic: The Gathering-Duels of the Planeswalker 2015 Game Review


About The Game 

Well the game is not different from original concept of the game.Battling using some premade deck or you can create your own or customize your deck. Every battle you won, you will gain experience, and new cards will be available to be added on your collection. The virtual booster pack in the game is similar to the booster pack in the real world. When you open it, there are 15 random cards with one mythic rare, one rare, 3 uncommon and the rest are the common cards. However, not all the booster packs have mythic rare.





Game Features

This game was made from the popular CCG Magic: The Gathering. The first appearance of the Magic: The Gathering in the world of gaming was late 1993 and published by Wizard of the Coast. The success of Magic to the industries of collectible card game was incredible. That is why among other CCG, Magic is the most popular in all of them. Now, the popular Collectible Card Games is just beneath your hands, you can play anywhere and anytime. Today, Magic: The Gathering-Duels of the Planeswalker 2015 is now available in your PC, Console and even on your Smartphone. Unleash your imagination and become the most powerful planeswalker in the multiverse. Are you ready and strong enough to hunt Garruk or will you be the prey? With his corrupted soul and body, Garruk is now more fearsome and powerful because of the curse, Garruk is very eager to hunt every planeswalker in the multiverse.

Once you get hooked in this game, eventually you will want to know more deeply about the game, specially the actual physical game. Just a little arithmetic, strategy, and money, you can build your own deck. Maybe one day, you will be one of the attendees in the regular FNM or Friday Night Magic in their authorized WPN store. And who knows? Someday you might be able to join the bigger leagues like GrandPrixTrial, GandPrix, Pro Tour Qualifier, Pro Tour or even WMCQ.

In the campaign mode, you will battle against the A.I opponent. You will pick some of the premade deck that is available in the game. You can also battle your friends in multiplayer mode using your own customized deck. In that case you can check if your deck is competitive or not.

Some cards in Magic: The Gathering-Duels of the Planeswalker 2015 is available if you purchase in their online store. Most of the cards there are not available in the game unless you buy it.

Game Trailer

In order to have more insight into this game, you can watch this video from the following link:

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