NBA 2K15 Game Review


About The Game 

NBA 2k15 is the latest release in the 2K franchise these days. The newly improved graphics and gameplay will indeed satisfy and meet the gamers expectations. The realistic movement and appearance of every player will certainly surprise you. The latest 2K15 is totally overhauled from its previous 2K14 because of new add-on game mechanics that makes it more exciting. The game highlights and camera angle are perfectly captured for giving the game a stunning ambiance, and providing the players and crowds a lively look. You can make a customized character to make it to superstar using the MyLeauge system. In MyPark mode you can now select which park will be your home court and win every game to gain reputation. If your reputation increased you will be able to unlock other park. You can also unlock different MyPark skill, animation and clothing for your team.





Game Features

Bring your favorite NBA team and challenge your friends via multiplayer or even thru online games, and enjoy every crossover moves, alley hoops, dunk or make three point shots outside the perimeter. Manage your team and lead them to capture the NBA finals trophy. The latest NBA 2K15 game will certainly catch your attention because of its realistic concept of the crowd, stadium and even the half-time show of the game. That is why these addicting games have garnered many avid players around the world who love basketball. However, if you think NBA 2K15 gameplay will only be just like the previous 2K14; I suggest you see it for yourself and give the final verdict because the improvements they made in the current 2k15 will really be a milestone for the NBA online game. The multiplayer games online of the NBA 2K15 are also enhanced, making it easier to connect and provides reliable speed and stability during the game play.

  • You can customize your created character using MyLeauge.
  • The MyPark mode also enhances the following court like Sunset Beach Ballers, Old Town Flyers, Rivet City Rough Riders and Jordan Rec Center.
  • The matchups in NBA2K 15 are now based in height and depending on position unlike previous setting simple join order.
  • The mobile application MyNBA2K 15 will give you easy task to contact your squad. Just send them text in the application and it will appear on their screen.
  • The new teammate grading meter is also added to monitor your progress without entering to game menu.

  • Kevin Durant was selected to be the cover photo of NBA 2K15
  • The new roster of the NBA is updated in every team.
  • The list of rookie, free agent and coaches are also updated.

The game bonuses in NBA 2K15 are available if you preorder the said game. You can have the following freebies like 5,000 Virtual Currency that you can use to buy items in the game. You can also have 2 MyTeam card packs which is international MyTeam card or Kevin Durant rookie. You can also choose the leg sleeves in MyPlayer inspired by Kevin Durant.

The application MyNBA2k15 is also released along with the game, just like the NBA 2K14.

Game Trailer

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