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About The Game 

Rogue Legacy is a downloadable game title that’s pretty challenging but instills a sense of perseverance, determination, and patience inside the player because they struggle through the randomized dungeon obstacles. It is easy to learn but tough to master, and players will find that they’re going to shed quite a few figures due to the game’s issues. Violence is widespread but cartoonish, without the need of any blood shown. Rogue Legacy game can be downloaded to among the list of host platforms — Vita, PS4, or PS3. The game then saves and can be accessed on any in the other systems.






Game Features

Rogue Legacy gameplay is a side-scrolling, platform-jumping, old-school game concept with modern day terminology. It is a rogue-like video game, meaning permanent character death and randomly produced stages. Every time a character dies, stages are remade to get a completely new obstacle. Characters will die, and the progeny on the starting character will avenge their death. The game has traps, platforms to navigate, a large wide variety of enemies to overcome, along with a enormous level of loot to gather. There are actually eight classes of characters with unique skills, upgrades to abilities, and runes to empower them (ability to fly is excellent, but it really is restricted inside the castle). Patience, planning, and solid hand-eye coordination are handy player tools in this game.

Rogue Legacy is very old school — and as a result a little of a history lesson for younger players. But in numerous ways this isn’t a two-dimensional, side-scrolling platformer. The publishers have amped up the in-game challenges and the entertainment value. Enjoying the other way up is often a hoot, and some from the other “quirks” the family members tree brings towards the fore can insert challenges and entertaining towards the game. The randomly produced ranges ensure replayability..

Player characters will die, which demands persistence whenever you come across oneself back in starting all over again, but this isn’t entirely like starting from scratch. You spend cash you’ve acquired throughout game levels explorations to re-enter the castle, and every single time you return in, the playable hero is more robust. The distinctive character classes increase the game mix. This is a solid and entertaining title that will challenge, elicit laughter, and bring back fond memories for old-school gamers.

Game Trailer

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