Sacred 3 Game Review


About The Game 

The immense graphics and well detailed environment of Sacred 3 will totally bring the adventure right in front of you. This awesome fantasy game will bring fun and exciting online game that will cache your attention for it’s unique combat gameplay. That is why many MMORPG players getting hook on this game for its epic and astonish battle setup. Full pack action with its relentless interface fighting scene, this game will undeniably be the best MMORPG you will ever play.

Sacred 3 online game is an exciting RPG with sophisticated kind of gameplay. A hack and slash brawler, with a two kind of game mode such as single player and multiplayer. In multiplayer mode, up to four players can join to the battle of unique and engaging co-op mode. In that case, they will not only fighting the Imperial adversary; they can also compete in each other on the friendly rivalry match. The players also can choose their equipment, Arts, and perks to make their character stronger in the game. Choosing the best equipment will depend on your strategy and fighting style.





Game Features

The environments of Sacred 3 gameplay are well detailed because of the graphic quality. Unlike of other games that usually null some of their graphics. The visual effects are also great especially the lighting effects.

  • Alithea, is Ancarian lancers that specialize for using polearms. Her weapon gave him big advantage in combat because she’s able to assault enemies in reasonable distance. That is why damaging them sooner before they can strike her. Alithea also have a unique ability, she can use earthquake in her combat art that able to unleash multiple rapid of attacks. The damage is great and prolong as long her energy can hold up
  • Claire, is a Seraphin paladin who specialize in wielding sword. Claire is so agile and precise in combat, which is why most of the enemies are easy like slashing a ribbon. She can also easily evade stronger enemy because of her quickness. She also use lighting in her combat arts to give her edge in every battle
  • Vajra is a Khukuri archer, which is great in long range combat. His marksmanship is great and superb. His piercing shot will able penetrate enemy defense even if they have shield. This means you are going to be a moving target to him. He uses cold in his combat arts that capable him to freeze up and slow the enemies, giving him the opportunity to re position his self if the enemy are to close to him.
  • Marak is a Safiri warrior that can endure most of the attack. He uses solar attacks in his combat arts that makes perfectly matched in his huge sledgehammer. That is why he is a great choosing in terms of moving and killing every enemy on the game. That is why he is the most straightforward character all of them.

If you pre order Sacred 3 in some future shop the fifth character will be unlock. Malakhim is a mysterious and powerful dark assassin.

Game Trailer

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