Epistory – Typing Chronicles Game Review


About The Game

Typing games is not something new,  and there are lots of the same genre games out there. Indeed, the best is Typing Of The Dead and 2011’s Z-Type was a good version of a shooter. A really good, atmospheric  RPG with all controls on the keyboard. 

The Epistory game is about a girl riding on the back of a three-tailed fox (Sonic) who roams an origami world. The game controls are either WASD or a barely more strange scattering of keys supposedly designed to have your fingers already resting in the right place for typing words. You need to type the letters from the keyboard to remove obstacles and attack incoming enemies. 





Game Features

At first, you’re plodding around a few squares of the quiet countryside, your only opponents being lifeless logs that require woody words to be removed. You push Space and anything interactive is highlighted with a word above it, and you type it to remove it. The more typed words you can string together, the more points you can score via combos, and with points, you gain XP for boosting your skills. At first, you’ll be wanting to speed up your slow fox, then add the ability to sprint, perhaps extending the period for combos, improving magic, displaying more information on the map, and so on.

The enemies will be spawning, crawling toward you with words floating above their heads. Weak enemies are taken down by a couple of three-letter words, while far tougher beasts might require you to hammer out a few 12-letter jobbies.

Everything is absolutely beautiful but not as beautiful as you might think. For some reason, the character looks very awkward. However, the presentation is undeniably beautiful. As you move around, the narrator tells you esoteric stories, and the words appear as text on the ground. Typed letters and words go black and then completed words fade away, with additional magical abilities adding further effects to the mix. The word Fire, for example, means every other word for an enemy will burn away, allowing you to take on multiple encroaching bads by judiciously typing on one, then another, then another, balancing their deaths before they getcha.  

To prevent your traveling too far, too soon, different colored words are in different unknown languages – only when you’ve learned the language will they appear in English, meaning you need to solve one area to progress to the others, each sprawling out from the central starting area. Some sections will only appear once you’ve scored enough points, which is a lot less elegant, but again ensures the game opens up as you’re ready for it. 

The letters on the keyboard are not limited to QWERTY, either. It supports AZERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK, COLEMAK, WORKMAN, NEO2, and BEPO, and comes with adaptive difficulty if it recognizes you’re banging out the words too quickly. Words are usually thematically linked to whatever they’re attached to, sometimes amusingly, giving the game a sense of curation rather than just being a series of random typing tasks. 

Whether it improves your typing or not, it gives you statistics on your speed and so on, which you can compare before and after. It is a lovely thing, offering a good amount of game for a tenner, rising above its gimmick to be a little bit special.

Game Trailer

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