Injustice: Gods Among Us Game Review


About The Game

Injustice comprises of series of game editions which includes Injustice: Gods among Us.  The game is an action game which revolves around traditional heroes and villains. The fighting theme includes special moves, super moves and The Clash. On the more neutral level come level transition attacks and combos.






Game Features

Injustice: Gods among Us gameplay is a one on one matches game on a 2D plain. Each match has one round and the player gets 2 health bars. The attacks can vary from light, medium and heavy intensity for which there are four buttons to control. A character trait button is also included that activates a unique power of the character.

The stages are based on different environments and areas, ranging from Batcave to Fortress of Solitude. The stages would also include unique objects that the character will use depending on the class. There are two types of characters, gadget characters that use gadgets and instruments and the other are power characters that use their own intrinsic powers and strengths. For example Batman is a gadget character who can put a bomb to a car for explosion while Superman being a power character can pick up a car and throw it in order to cause an explosion.

During the course of the fight, the players charge their super meter by doing combos or getting hit by an opponent. Parts filled of the meter can be used to enhance moves and countering enemy attacks. The strongest special attack gets activated with a completely full meter. The meter can also be used to interrupt combos and other benefits.

Injustice: Gods among Us story is divided into several chapters. The player would swap between different characters as the narrative proceeds. There are also mini games included in the game which you will find through the course of the story line. The results of mini games can have impacts on battles coming ahead like giving additional health as an advantage over the opponent. There are multiple modes such as Battle mode, Versus Mode, Training and STAR Labs which comprises of 240 character oriented challenges and missions and vary in difficulty level.  When playing online the player may choose amongst modes like King of the Hill and Survivor.


Game Trailer

The following YouTube video link has more detailed discussion about the gaming and its playing techniques that would help you clearly understand what this game is all about and how you can add a thrilling experience to your game play.

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