Odin Quest Game Review


About The Game

This is a free action RPG game Odin Quest which comes with loads of adventure and action. You can achieve extra gears for battling the opponents with ease. You achieve scores as you pass through a particular level, by slaughtering the opposing force. The player has to acquire pets and mounts to explore around the world. The exciting elements are very much interesting for a gameplay. You have to enter dungeons in order to kill about 74 monsters. You would also have to face off one-legged skulls or cursed pirates to encounter the chief monster.






The main character is a mature and charming young woman, who travels around the world fighting enemies and evil forces and slaughtering them in order to accomplish her mission. There are business deals where you can sell certain items, and also buy items sold by others. The girl would be changed by a witch to a fat panda and then gets changed to a short little girl.

Game Features

Odin Quest AFK mode allows the player to slaughter certain monster and evils easily. There are different classes which allow the player to kill and battle the enemies in different ways. Moreover, the upgrades allow you to use different tactical methods, that don’t make the game monotonous.


Odin Quest gameplay gives a complete view of where you’re heading towards unlike other games which don’t give a precise display. A young girl chooses to travel around the world with different animals and has to fight against various opponents. She meets with certain obstacles where she is converted to a small panda or a little girl by a witch.


The Odin Quest main character is an established and charming young woman. Other characters include the witch, innumerable one-legged skulls and various cursed pirates and monsters with different looks.

The super impressing graphics and appealing plot makes this game even more interesting and engages everyone.


Game Trailer

The following YouTube link can also make you much familiar to the game:

You can visit the game website of Odin Quest game to understand the game more.

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