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Rogue Company game radiates a bold personality. This free-to-play, team-based shooter combines aspects from many of the most successful FPSes already out there, from Overwatch to Counter-Strike, to deliver a fun package that requires skill, patience, and an appreciation for teamwork to succeed.

Rogue Company is a multiplayer-only third-person shooter with a gallery of interesting characters called Rogues, each with its distinct abilities, load-outs, and perks to choose from. 

Even though it only has three 4v4 game modes that have all been seen before for the most part – a Counter-Strike-style bomb mode, a variation on a capture point format, and what is team deathmatch with a twist – there`s enough variety in the nine maps and the play styles they require to avoid boredom. Cooperation in teamwork is critical, so thankfully Rogue Company is the latest in a long line of games to borrow the incredibly smart ping system popularized by Apex Legends. That lets players not on voice chat to still efficiently communicate with their squad using quickly scripted callouts and contextual map markers. 





Game Features

The first mode of the game is Demolition, respawn is not functional. One team controls a bomb to plant and detonate at either one of two points on a map or take out all enemies. The defenders can succeed by killing the attackers or preventing the bomb from going off. Despite of similar modes in other games, splitting your attention between two points is relatively meaningless in Rogue Company since they`re usually so close together. In-game maps are small that you can travel from one to the other in a matter of seconds.

The Extraction mode is a better version of Demolition since it also has no respawns, but only has a single objective point that both teams fight over. The point moves each round and it`s always a frontline battle over a mutual interest, keeping it more focused and tense. The size of the maps feels better suited to this style and matches are more dynamic since you`re technically both the attacker and defender at all times.  

The final mode is Strikeout,  the least demanding of all the modes, but also the most ingenious. It works similarly to the Destiny’s Survival game mode, with each team only having a limited number of shared resurrects. However, a caveat here is that there is also a single checkpoint that absorbs the enemy teams respawn if held. With this addition, Strikeout feels like more than a slight variation on Team Deathmatch, spurring a defensive playstyle to hold checkpoints in an otherwise kill-only mode. 

Regardless of the map or mode, there are many to choose from. There`s a variety of pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, and snipers, but they`re mostly locked to specific characters similar to other hero shooters like Overwatch – albeit with a little more choice since these heroes aren`t stuck with a single option. Each Rogue has two primaries to pick from in a mid-match Buy Station, typically something like a sniper and SMG or assault rifle and shotgun, as well as a secondary pistol, melee attack, gadgets, primary ability, and an assortment of perks. You will earn in-game money for your actions during a match that`s used to buy and upgrade these tools of destruction between rounds, but all you start with is a pistol. 

The firearm variety would be more exciting if characters had additional ones to unlock or could customize their options more impactfully, but you`re limited to the predetermined load-outs given. Besides, all of the guns make a metallic sound when fired and lack the energy you’d expect from a game full of edgy characters and lively personalities. Explosives, gadgets, and abilities all look and sound great to make this powerful attacking character stand out.

Doing dodge movement is a helpful evasive tactic, but control points are so littered with waist-high cover it feels like a foregone conclusion that you`d be able to stick to walls and blind fire, but instead, that feature is inexplicably missing. You can squat at least, but having to then stand at full height to shoot over walls is a bit annoying – especially considering that two of the three game modes don`t have respawns and require a more considered, careful approach to firefights. 

Rogue Company has 14 Rogues, 6 of which are free to use. Getting close to half of the roster for free is amazing. Particularly considering that three of them are the best in the entire game. The confident sword-wielding mascot of The Rogue Company’s marketing materials, Ronin is a great attack-focused character with explosive throwing knife abilities and an array of perception and speed-focused perks. She’s stylish and cool with her style, which makes her a great intro character for her, and is probably why she’s the default option for her tutorials.

There is also Dima, a hoarse voice with a strong accent and a lot of wits. He gets a bad cluster grenade launcher and perks focused on health and ammo regen, along with a solid assault rifle and capable SMG to pick from as primary weapons. Dima is powerful and amusing that it`s rare to play a match and not see one of him on both teams.  

Rogue Company is a fun offshoot of the classic hero shooter genre that blends elements from many other games to support some unique ideas that can be called unique. Beneath the seemingly simple third-person shooter mechanics are complex strategies, interesting characters with subtle abilities, and plenty of maps to diversify. It may need more work on the technical side, but it’s a free-to-play team shooter with cross-play across all platforms, so you already have a fun base here that’s well worth your time.

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