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Agents of Mayhem has impressive visual style along with good combat and a wonderfully diverse cast of characters meant the game was filled with promise.  Unfortunately, it soon became evident that everything the game has to offer is encapsulated within that first hour, and consequently, the experience quickly grows stale and repetitive.  Much like direct Agent Hollywood, this game runs out of lines long before the credits roll.

There are lots of things Agents of Mayhem does right, however, with its terrific set of playable characters being readily its best feature.  There are 12 playable characters in all, and each feels exceptional, using a different gameplay style, exceptional voice acting, and fantastic looks.  They are as memorable as the lineups you will see in the likes of Overwatch and other MOBAs.    As you can imagine, the behavior of these agents is much more Team America compared to Greenpeace.





Game Features

The diversity in battle also can help to retain interest for some time.  Capitalizing on their own strengths to take down enemy fatigue becomes an integral part of the fights.  Using Hollywood’s armour-piercing bullets to take down enemy shields, before switching to Kingpin or Scheherazade to deliver damage up-close, then adapting to Rama to flee the scene and pick off enemies from a distance, certainly helps change up conflicts.  Enemy types also become more diverse as you advance through the game, maintaining battle strategy fresh and intriguing.

As with most open-world games, you will be collecting more gizmos and widgets than you will care to name, but the interesting part comes from schematics for new vehicles and also Gremlin and Legion Tech.  In addition to updating characters with new abilities, you may even get boosters to utilize at any moment in fights.  These become vital as the difficulty ramps up and use a Mulligan to revive my whole team (the only other way to revive dead teammates is by picking up a randomly dropped fleur from defeated enemies, which happens far too rarely), or call in an army of doves to kill wayward baddies.  It adds to the character of this sport and also creates depth to the world.

Including all the RPG elements in addition to the core combat, you would think there would be a terrific experience on offer.  Unfortunately, everything that goes on around the brokers themselves simply does not match up.

While the game presents a stunning cel-shaded visual fashion, the world design is dull and uninspired.  Seoul’s neo-futuristic look quickly wears thin when the majority of the regions are boring to look at.  Additionally, the real universe of Seoul is really small, the sole reason. Buildings become memorable is through sheer repetition of visiting them.

In actuality, repetition is the main downfall of Agents of Mayhem across the board.  To unlock new agents, you have to complete a mission where you take out a Legion lair.  You also need to take out lairs in different missions, and after finishing three of these, they all feel pretty much indistinguishable.  

This sense of repetition bleeds over into main assignments, too, where you may start doing the exact boring hacking mini-game on terminals at each turn, fighting at the very same locations and doing the exact drives to (literally) the very same hotspots for a set-piece showdown.  Besides the few interesting boss fights, Agents finally frees you down to become almost passive in the encounter, working on muscle memory alone because you are repeating the exact actions constantly.

The game even compels you to repeatedly finish activities on earth, as enemies “recover” places you have taken down, making the padding of this adventure but further adding to the repetition.

When compared with open-world rivals like GTA, Assassin’s Creed or The Witcher, there is just far too small to do in this world — and what little you are asked to do, you are requested to do so much it becomes dull and dull.

At the preview some players experienced regular frame rate drops, and while nowhere near as frequent, they still occur today when the action gets too hectic.  Somes bugs have been reported which forced players to restart the match, like reticules not leaving the display, or enemies being stuck in boxes, which meant could not kill them to complete a goal.

Agents of Mayhem gameplay could have been an excellent rental in yesteryear, but now it’s an experience that is fantastic for a short while but does not provide enough to keep players spent for the duration of the effort.

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