Star Wars Commander Game Review


About The Game 

Star Wars Commander online game is a fast pace online strategy game. Choose your side between two opposing force such us the empire faction or rebellion, then lead your armies into epic battles. Deploy each of your troops strategically, defeat and destroy every enemy base that will oppose you. Build strategic defense for making sure that you will able to defend your base at all time. Build your base with heavy artillery, turrets, deflector shield and etc, to make sure that no one can pass thru. These would strengthen your base and give you edge in winning battles. Make alliances with your friends or other player in the game to make a powerful squad. Travel in to multiple planets to complete special mission, and be a Valiant leader in the galactic civil war. The easy concept and graphics of the Star Wars are truly outstanding because the requirements of the star wars apps are too minimal unlike other games. No wonder many kids now are addicted with playing Star Wars Commander games due to its accessibility and availability throughout the net.





Game Features

This is one of the best contributions of the internet to gamers in different parts of the world! Various games surely bring fun and excitement in terms of storyline, adventure and graphics. So if you are thinking of playing online, you better keep track of the time as there are lots of addicting games that will definitely consume your entire time without you knowing it. Nowadays, most of the youth are obsessed with several games, and one of those flash games. Flash game has a wide range of games that could suite your preference. The easy concept and graphics of the games are truly amazing because the requirements of the games are too minimal unlike other games. However, not all the games are intended exclusively for the big boys; there is also available Star Wars game for kids that you can find online. Star Wars game for kids is also available in case you are looking for the right game that will suit for your little ones. It’s never hard to find the games that you opt to play through the internet as there are numerous websites that offer free download games that you can get instantly. You may try to look for reviews as these are also useful since most players comments and tips can help you progress on your chosen game. You can also read some useful walkthrough, to give you information. Reading informative guidelines would be beneficial to you to ensure that you have the essential information on the game development.

  • The latest updates for the Star Wars Commander gameplay have come with one latest new ship for each faction.

  • If you are in the rebel group you can unlock the Z-95 Headhunter that can tear down the walls of empire stronghold using its Ion torpedoes.
  • If you are in the imperial section you can unlock the TIE interceptor that can destroy the rebel bases using its four wing-tip laser cannon.

You can see some of the notable characters in original Star Wars characters like, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, etc.

Game Trailer

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