The SIMS 4 Game Review


About The Game 

The SIMS 4 is the newest addition from the SIMS franchise that you will certainly get addicted to, from the new features, gameplay, ideas and fun. The building mode is easier to navigate and you no longer need to get annoyed in tools just to make a simple design of your preference.

The SIMS 4 is another development and impressive game from the family of SIMS. If you are a diehard fan of the SIMS franchise, your long wait is over since The SIMS 4 is coming this fall 2014. The newest game of The SIMS 4 has some newly added features and well detailed in every aspect. You will love the newly overhauled character and building game system from smarter to weirder creation mode.

There are some features from The SIMS 3 that are recapped, and they did not include the toddlers or pool in this new version of The SIMS 4. Some people also don’t like the same sex marriage in game. The family tree in the Sims 2 along with the Sims 3 allowed you to keep track on the generational relationships in between your various Sim households. Though The Sims 4 may have familial relationships in terms of brother, sister and so on, it apparently won’t offer any kind of tool for charting the generational aspects.






Game Features

The SIMS 4 gameplay is a very strong game and good entertainment value. It is for you to judge whether you “like it or hate it” depending on the style of the game. Humor and originality are the trademarks of The SIMS franchise, that is why most of their games are really much awaited. When you started playing this game, I can say that you will immediately hooked in this little funky since I did not even notice that I have been playing the game for hours.

The SIMS 4 will let you experience how to live with no boundaries. You can be the hottest guy/girl on the planet or the richest person in the neighborhood. You will get hooked in this game and will capture your attention and imagination because of its endless possibilities and creativity. Actually, there are two worlds that you can select for your SIMS home base; first is the suburb like New Orleans garden district and second is the vivid type of desert similar to The SIMS 3.

From smarter to sporty, geeky to weirder, or even a hopelessly romantic type, you can choose what type of character you like to portray. The character is livelier because of the new emotions and expressions of the characters. You can flirt with other girls or be faithful to the girl you love, or even get in a relationship with your same sex.

  • The Randomizer can exactly identify the aspect you want to change, this will allow you to get change in to new look while keeping the things you like.
  • The Genetic Tool is smarter and effective that it can blend some of the parent traits and maintain the family resemblance to their children.
  • The Sibling generators have the capacity to create a sibling resembling random traits from the family.
  • You can select multiple outfits from each category and set up 3 different outfits every day for the same SIMS.

Game Trailer

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