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About The Game

Costume Quest 2 is a fun perfect Halloween game retaining the memorable visuals, humor, and feel-good story. Where Costume Quest took too long to introduce new costumes and wasted too much gameplay on the door-to-door trick-or-treating mechanic, Costume Quest 2 jumps immediately into the role-playing action, giving you a full party, steady access to a new assortment of costumed abilities, and a big area to explore. It relies more on ridiculous visuals and silly scenarios for its laughs than snappy dialogue, but Costume Quest 2 is still a charming game that will entertain you throughout the playthrough. 

The houses are decorated for Halloween, and the sly cameos sprinkled throughout the game’s backgrounds are a constant source of delight, but it’s the design of the characters that lends the game so much personality. Both simple and cute, it’s hard not to be won over by the innocent, wide-eyed stares of your chosen protagonist and his fellow adventurers. The character and world designs are what made the first Costume Quest so memorable, and Costume Quest 2 retains the same stunning visual style.





Game Features

Move around the city, interacting with people and objects, smashing them with candy bags, or using the suit’s special abilities. The mechanics are simple and encourage you to explore the world with festive energy, even if the puzzles are always very simple.  Use the power of the pterosaur to summon and blast the wind.  Dress up like a wizard and use your wand to light the way. But this simplicity makes the game move fast, and the power of your abilities is always satisfying. And best of all, your abilities sometimes lead to ridiculously memorable situations, like a musical duel with a  virtuoso violinist whose only instrument you can use is the clown horn.  

Costume Quest 2 is an RPG in that you gain experience points, level up, and increase your attack and defense power, but the main focus of the game is the fun of exploring and reading random lines from party members and people alike. you are in the game. Seeing “level up” pop up on the screen gives that familiar rush of making progress, but enemies level up right along with you, so even when you learn a few new combat techniques, the challenge remains consistent throughout. 

Battling is amusing, but back-to-back battles can get dull. Some enemies roam freely around the world and are easy to avoid, but most of the battles you encounter in Costume Quest 2 happen when knocking on someone’s door asking for candy. When you meet an unfriendly creature bent on stealing the world’s sweets rather than handing them out, you’re thrust into a turn-based battle with a shift to comic-book-style graphics.

Every time you try on a new costume, the style of combat feels exciting and new. However, on rare occasions when you have to fight too many enemies in a row, you may resort to tedious simplicity. However, combat mostly boils down to fighting. You win as long as at least one of your characters survives to the end. It’s fun, but not too complicated. 

There are healing options and reusable cards that can give you quick buffs like strength boosts or extra attacks however the best strategy is usually to hit hard and keep hitting. The power of your attacks and defenses depends on your ability to hit the shrinking circle at the enemy’s target. The more you land the circle on exactly that target, the more damage your attack does (or the less damage your enemy takes when they attack). Time-based gameplay provides constant metrics to keep up with the fight and try to improve. When you hit the target, the screen will turn blue like “Cool!” Blinks across the screen. Combat may be straightforward, but crafting a series of perfect combos is an exhilarating challenge. 

Like the game itself, the main feature of combat is the chance to watch your character in action and see the effects of each suit’s unique super attacks that you can unleash after taking or dealing with a certain amount of damage. Just like the first costume quest, watching enemy encounters unfold is like watching a child’s imagination come to life. Going into the mid-game, Costume Quest 2 starts to veer a bit and loses momentum. Suddenly you’re responding to house visit requests for candy and fighting random battle after random battle. However, the game seems to catch itself before falling too far into the same combat traps as the original. And the fast-paced final act makes the candy-collecting journey forget the moment with a cunning and detached gaze.

Costume Quest 2 is a short 5-hour game that can be expanded a bit by searching for trading cards and each costume. It has a more focused experience to a twisty, reversible, over-the-top adventure. Costume Quest knows how to start fast and end on a high note that leaves you wanting to explore the world a little more. It would be easy if a simple, family game like this could work on games that worked before. 

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