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Nintendo has always been the finest in the company at developing a brilliantly creative open world and sandbox playgrounds. Putting its mustachioed mascot at the helm of its best names, every new entry carries with it the greatest of expectations. So how can one compete with oneself? If you are Nintendo, you make a love letter to everything that’s come before, and that is just what it’s performed with Super Mario Odyssey, possibly the greatest in the series so far and a legitimate successor to Galaxy.

It has been some time since Mario has run rampant in a sandbox, and Odyssey manages to capture what made Super Mario 64 this type of treasure: the love for every Kingdom. While 3D World and the variety of 2D offerings had fun but isolated amounts, the choice to go back to a sprawling playground proves masterful, as it once again allows the characters of the worlds to glow. And each can rival those we watched all the way back in 1997.




Game Features

By allowing players the freedom to explore whole worlds to collect dozens of Electricity Moons — seriously, there may be over 70 to find in each of the Kingdoms — learning every inch of the terrain becomes a joy. What lay inside each painting in 64, down to the last detail, and running around New Donk City, Fossil Falls and every other property in Odyssey is equally as addictive. The worlds are just magnificent, each brimming with its own special personality.

With so much to see and do, learning how to research it all is just one of Odyssey’s greatest strengths, and it helps that Mario controls better than he ever has to be able to enable you to do so.

As you might have guessed by now, Mario has teamed up with Cappy, who becomes his hat and supplies a selection of new abilities. These become the basis for jumps and attacks, and may even be used to take control of legendary characters in the game. By way of instance, throwing Cappy before Mario before leaping on him will offer a larger front flip, while throwing him while in midair will give an extra second of airtime to create that massive jump. But beyond these benefits, Mario simply ‘feels’ better.

Somehow the controllers feel tighter: Mario appears more responsive, and his jumps sharper. Couple this with an expanded arsenal of jumps and strikes, and in a few hours of game time, you will feel like an absolute master.

Again, in addition to Mario’s new capabilities, there is also so much to see and do in each world. Nintendo’s imagination and innovation are at its absolute best here, with a lot of enjoyable ways to locate and unlock Power Moons. Contrary to 64, Galaxy and Sunshine (besides the key story-based Moons), you need to obtain the Power Moons by yourself. There are no hints — just go out and explore the world. Initially, you will put off with this, preferring 64’s method of having a very clear directive for getting a Star, but it quickly grew on me. Having the ability to collect dozens of Electricity Moons in one outing, with a keen eye helping find more, you will fell in love with exploring, interacting, and project Cappy in each direction.

On the topic of experimentation, now you can kit Mario out in plenty of different outfits. Some are expected to reach certain Power Moons, while some are merely fun to clad Mario in. There’s a ‘Crazy Cap’ shop which takes two currencies: gold coins and purple coins. The purple ones could be collected in each kingdom, but could only be spent in the place they are found, while gold ones can be collected and spent everywhere.

Additionally, like the finest Mario games, the end is where the fun really starts. So much more of this game is unlocked after the credits roll. In addition to going back to collect the countless Power Moons you might have missed, there is also lots of brand new items to discover. Nintendo has truly held nothing back in this match.

It transported ginormous expectations, but somehow Nintendo has managed to leapfrog over the bar by an enormous distance. Offering the most satisfying gameplay experience of any Mario game so far, Super Mario Odyssey is near-perfect.

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