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The best Resident Evil game is hotly-fought, though usually, the same few harvest up. The Gamecube remake, 2 and 4 regularly form the keystone of any talk about Capcom’s greatest.

The long-overdue return to survival horror is exactly what the show needed and, although the move to the very first man might seem a radical change, Resident Evil 7 still plays like a Resident Evil game. An excellent one at that.

While the tank controls of old used to cause panic by means of a feeling of powerlessness, playing from the standpoint of Ethan as he fights the Bakers to save his girlfriend, Mia.

One of the best sensible design of any game of the year. Apparently weak sounds abruptly become completely terrifying the heavier into the game you get. Capcom is quite sensible in the way that it frightens the player. It doesn’t just go for the cheap enjoyments in ways that game like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood do, instead, it helps the player to get comfortable through repetition.





Game Features

The times when you are slipping through a narrow passageway, the music rises and rises as if Jaws is approaching so that you start to anticipate Jack to catch you by the throat as you achieve its end, or open a door to a fresh room expecting to be thrown through its walls by him, but it doesn’t happen. You will be confused and will never know what to anticipate, the dreaded anticipation of sound effects, meaning any unexpected sound will take you to the edge.

While moving around a hallway, the straightforward sound of a bottle hitting the floor, a door shutting upstairs or rusty pipes means always whirling Ethan 360-degrees to the stage where he must begin feeling ill. Capcom has done a wicked control in driving players crazy with the torture of a panic which never comes, that’s of course until it comes and somehow manages to still be terrifying.

The first half of Resident Evil 7 feels like teen slasher horror movie. It’s a player versus whichever member of the Baker family is especially pissed off, it’s very thrilling. Hiding behind couches and cartons as Jack stomps around shouting obscenities hunting for Ethan is really extreme.

One new battle machinist is Ethan’s skill to block. Block significantly reduces the damage taken from strikes, and you’ll immediately find out how essential this machinist is during battle, and for a player, to endured some initial growing pains joining obstructing and running. With previous Resident Evil games, the strategy was always to turn and run to comparative security before turning to shoot the enemy. Now, turning your back presents serious exposure, so it’s now more tactical to consume a bump while obstructing before fleeing.

There is going to be many nods to enthusiasts through the entire game: from the utilization of straightforward herbs to even the sound of pressing buttons on a keypad being chosen straight from the first games. It’s clear that each facet of the game was constructed by programmers using a genuine affection and understanding for this particular franchise’s history.

The gameplay and sound are complemented by stunning visuals, also. Resi 7 contains PS4 Pro support with complete 4K and HDR and is among the greatest matches to benefit from the technology. The step up in visual fidelity is instantly noticeable on what’s an already stunning game. Candles flicker using a brightness that could damage your eyes to look at for too long but the fire could be encompassed by pitch darkness, a blast of the flamethrower in a dark room will light it up with blinding light.

The excellent sound and looks would just be window dressing if Resi 7 wasn’t compelling to play, and happily, it’s thanks to unbelievable voice acting coupled with a powerful narrative. As the narrative unfolds and this new type of disease causes its issues to deteriorate further it leads to a desire to find more. The T-Virus has existed for decades to the stage where experts can detail its lineage, but this new virus differs, giving us lots of questions to find solutions for. Resident Evil has consistently done an excellent job of telling the narrative beyond cutscenes and that continues in 7 with newspaper clippings, diary entries and other things trashed in the map further embellishing the Baker’s already powerful narrative.

Yet, there comes a time in the midway stage where the landscape of the game entirely transforms, all hindered on a critical story plot point. Sadly, the second it is built on significantly lacks the narrative force Capcom believes confused the players.

Subsequently, naturally, there’s the support of PlayStation VR. Capcom has attempted to make the VR experience adapting to any or all players with numerous settings, including an “easy” option where moves on the best analog stick are one to one and let Ethan go as he does in the normal game mode. Sadly, the VR experience quite nauseating, the juxtaposition of Ethan’s head going while your mind remained still was something my brain couldn’t cope with, so I changed to the more inflexible choice, where pictures of the stick left or right sees Ethan turn at sharper angles.

There are multiple issues with VR which make it a much lesser experience than in the TV version. For starters, the images quality takes a leading drop, as you may anticipate, even when running on the Master, and contemplating how amazing the game looks on the TV, the step down can feel a little too exorbitant. Second, due to the somewhat fiddly movement mechanisms, it can lack the dexterity needed in the game’s more difficult sequences, making the encounter a lot more frustrating than it need be.

Resident Evil 7 gameplay is way too terrifying to play in VR, particularly on a first playthrough. The nerves while playing Resident Evil 7 even on the TV meant I couldn’t picture playing it in virtual reality without having at least some knowledge of what lies ahead. If you’re a true thrill seeker, masochist or truly mental, then do it, but I definitely didn’t possess the heart or belly for it. I feel like VR ought to be treated as a method of appreciating the Resident Evil 7 highlight reel instead of using it during extreme gameplay minutes which demand preciseness.

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