The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Game Review


About The Game

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is an all-encompassing new tale that is produced to life in 3D. The game has non-stop action where a royal family of Hyrule has been designated to tear apart the triforce and stop the malevolence forces from mounting again. In the beginning of this game, the blacksmith’s son Gulley went to his dad’s novice to transport a refined and polished sword to the captain of the Hyrule castle. Then the entire story of a fight with myriad evil forces and conquering new dimensions evolves.






A newly developed three-dimensional game involves pre-delivered cut scenes with high level design and striking and innovative architectures and character. To add more zeal the creators of this game has deliberately added cartoonish aspects. Certain aspects like a split between the worlds and some spider web magic of Princess Hilda gives a striking and pioneering concept to this game.

The innovative adventure game is an amalgamation of the demanding and brilliant mechanism. Design of this exceptional with a unique graphics and is set in well-crafted ambience and atmosphere. This game gives an entire new conspicuous appearance that is quite similar to a early medieval elucidation. Sharp profiles along with thick lines and solid colours give a vibrant new look. The idiosyncratic two dimensional paintings with poppy colours and three-dimensional texture within this game give an amazing feel.

The legend of Zelda game play is a collision between two different worlds and is a new-fangled adventure series. This newly crafted tale transforms the world into a living image where you have to face obstacle that appear reflecting the parallel dimension Hyrule and the dark world. To become a hero and to save this world from certain disasters a player would have to surmount traps, puzzles and some concealed room or a deadly prison.


Game Features

This game is the first online ‘Zelda’ multiplayer game with enhanced graphics and the music inserted is amazing, mostly from “a link from the past”. The music itself has an ability to heighten the experience and a disposition of each area in the game. One of the striking features is the ability of a player is to penetrate the walls by transforming into a painting.


Legend of Zelda is set in a distinctive dark world and the dungeons. The story revolves around the character of Gulley and his journey which transforms into an adventurous one. He has to acquire three pendants of power in order to achieve a master sword. He has to fight against certain forces and complete his mission successfully.

The goldsmith’s son Gulley, a captain, Yuga, Seres, Ravio, princess Zelda, Sahasrahla, ganon, Lorule, Hilda, Lorulian.

This game has can transform your mood into an energetic one. An amazing concept of converting into a painting is itself so much appealing.

Game Trailer

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