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Halo Wars 2, Microsoft is taking another stab at pushing the genre out on games console. The very first game’s programmer, Ensemble Studios, once made the venerable Age of Empires series on PC, but Halo Wars proved to be its final job before close. For the sequel, Total War expert Creative Assembly sits at the helm. Two programmers whose tactical lineage are above question will finally have supplied an input signal to the games console-first RTS franchise.

But even though I am someone who’s spent a lot of time with Creative Assembly’s preceding games, I neglected to see the studio’s sculpting hand during my time with Halo Wars 2. A Total War makeover this most definitely isn’t. It is a strategy game with its foot securely in the StarCraft camp, and for which use on games console stays a top priority, in spite of a simultaneous release planned on PC.





Game Features

The ideas will probably be familiar to all those acquainted with old school strategy. Resource group, military building, and unit type countering are the game’s greatest priority. HW2 isn’t concerned with placement, height, as well as the minutiae of military configurations such as the Total War series. Micromanaging is what matter most. An end result is a number of fast-paced skirmishes which will have a welcoming familiarity for people who once dabbled in Red Alert Command and Conquer and Total Annihilation many years ago.

The hallmarks of the genre on PC are here. Multiple sites are accessible for players to build new bases. Updating present bases unlocks higher tech trees and more complex units. Players must select between running early in the expense of long-term economic gains or holding back in the hope that their competition won’t hit first.

Nevertheless, specific components, as in the first Halo Wars, stay pared down. Bases are constructed in a fixed configuration, relieving players of town planning duty. Biological units are made in simple-to-pick squads. The rate is deliberately slower than StarCraft 2, with the majority of units, even airborne ones, going at a trackable rate.

The end result is a multiplayer style which feels purposeful on the games console. As a PC stalwart, I was surprised at the way in which the Xbox controller raised to the moment. Playing using the control even allowed for the odd piece of micro magic. Skinning units behind to keep them living are completely possible, although without the dash of making a similar task by means of a mouse and computer keyboard. Every inch of the control does something useful, which is, obviously, by the whole point.

Necessarily, a player’s power grows bigger, and also the undertaking of direction grows with it. The latter phases of multiplayer attacks were a jumbled mix of picking tech trees, commanding formation, and trying to choose an entire military alongside my enormous scarab. Without the usage of management groups, this may be frustrating. PC controls enable players to become the tentacular octopus general; the Xbox controller allows for but a single prehensile arm.

One response to the inevitable messiness of commanding straggly forces and coping with base direction is the all-new Blitz Mode. The new competitive mode is part CTG, component RTS, and has a small MOBA thrown in for good measure. Blitz divests itself of bases and resource management, leaving players to concentrate on controlling and deploying their forces. The first team to reach a specific total of victory points wins the day.

Halo Wars 2 is included in Microsoft’s new Xbox Play Everywhere software, enabling players to easily go between PC and Xbox copies of the game, but cross-play between platforms won’t be allowed. After attempting the game with both gamepad and mouse and keyboard, it’s simple to understand why PC players would have a certain advantage.

Halo Wars 2 is very much a game console-first merchandise. From base building to unit choice, to game styles, this title is set up to make Xbox One users as comfortable as possible. PC tacticians may find the on-railings encounter frustrating.

Halo Wars 2 is amazing that console players are getting access to a different real RTS, there was short to make it stick out in the clamour of more intriguing strategy encounters accessible elsewhere.

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