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About The Software

Keyword Demon is a top quality software that is made to reduce the subscriber research by 90% and more.  This software competes with all the other such keyword programs by having more automation, more features and more advantages. This software is created and designed by Joshua Zamora and Andrew Mak. Joshua Zamora is passionate about product creation and email marketing.  He has created various products like Tube takeover, Tube sniper and now Keyword Demon.

Features of Keyword Demon

Automated workflow: The software is made by keeping in mind complete automation. All of your keyword research, data scraping and data storage will be done by the software.

Continuation from last pause: This software is clever, finds out your last break automatically, and allows you to continue your work from that point. It also runs and saves the project automatically.

Background working: This is the best feature as it allows you to do your normal computer tasks and runs in the background. It scrapes the keyword and runs the analysis in the background so that you can continue with your usual work.


No need solve captcha: This means that you will not have to face the need to solve any sort of captcha to prove yourself as a human. The robot will perform the human action while working.

Making bulk projects: With Keywords Demon for pc you just have to enter a list of root keywords in the project wizard and the software will itself save the projects and do everything itself.

Generation of LSI keywords: LSI keywords are something that is vital for SEO. The software scrapes up a minimum of 10 LSI keywords for every single keyword.

Auto sleep and startup feature: This feature allows you to set the software to start on the system startup and then it puts the computer to sleep automatically after the work is done.

Advance filter and search option: This features enables you to filter out all the bad keywords and search only the best keywords. This way you will only have the best keywords with you.

Google Keyword planner feature: It automatically scrapes the data from the Google Keyword planner and saves it in the database. This means you will not have to download any sort of excel files.


Reason to Use Keyword Demon

This program enables you to do a competition analysis to decide the difficulty to rank those keywords. This is something that you need the most to finish the keyword research. By having this software, you will be able to use the profit extracting program that will definitely provide you with low competition keywords and high profits on the Autopilot mode.

You will be able to get to the top of the Google by being able to rank the targeted keywords. This will eventually generate high level of traffic on your website. The software guides you on what to do next and sums the data for you to make decision easily and quickly and allows you to be effective and focused.

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