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It Is hard to talk about Get Even without Destroying it. It’s easily among the most intriguing and eccentric titles I have played for a while. Produced by The Farm 51 and released by Bandai Namco, it is an indie title, but one which definitely has the ambition to be more. This is the reason it’s so jarring.

To check at it from afar, you are probably not going to be too impressed. Get Even is not the best game visually, and its dark, dank atmosphere gives off the impression that this is still another run-of-the-mill shooter, but this just isn’t true. Part-shooter, part-stealth encounter, part-puzzler — one of some different sub-genres as and when it chooses — the real appeal here is the story and how nothing is ever what it seems. From the minute you step into the shoes of Cole Black, you will be left guessing what’s around the corner, and this is what makes Get even so convincing.





Game Features

Off the bat, you are presented with a hostage situation involving a woman with a bomb strapped to her chest. You have two options: hunt down the disarm code by roaming around the building or dip at a random amount and blow off the woman to smithereens.

The expectation, of course, is a ‘game over’ screen if you kill her and also the opportunity to try again, but that’s not the MO here. Instead, the story continues, permitting you to know that Cole was undergoing all this through a VR headset as part of an experiment to help him move on from previous incidents which are clearly causing him lots of grief.

What is, our main man is understandably annoyed about all this because he’s as much info as the player does: he has no clue what’s really going on. That means you’re both being brought up to speed simultaneously, creating an extremely harsh, unique tone that’s equal parts fascinating and jarring. You’re supposed to feel uncomfortable and confused and, more frequently than not, you absolutely will.

The fallout from this is you can not actually feel any of the information you’re being fed. The mysterious Red in charge of the experiment serves as your guide, but given that this opening scene was really a trick, convincing yourself that anything is fictitious becomes a true challenge. You are always questioning what is being presented, and that is both excellent and hard.

To go into more detail here would be grossly unfair, as the sole reason to play Get Even is to enjoy the ride and see how everything unfolds. In that sense, it is an excellent success, going as far as to toy around with what you would expect from choices in a match. Rather than the usual ‘pick a path’ approach, even the smallest choice can have miniature impacts on your playthrough.

Let’s say you take out a guard, as you would be inclined to perform during whenever you’ve got a weapon in hand. Said guard might be on the telephone, and when you listen to the conversation they were having… let’s just say the effects will, probably, make your jaw drop. Farm 51 has gone out to think of each result.

The actual gameplay comes together in a similar manner, although this isn’t as riveting or strong as the story around it. Get Even isn’t the best shot in the world and, while passable, it often feels stiff and stiff, which may lead to a few problems when it throws multiple enemies your way. Even then there are still reasons to praise what is here since some of the weapons available are so bizarre and wonderful that they are a joy to use. The Corner Gun is right on the peak of that list — it does just what it says on the tin.

The mystery elements follow a familiar path. A couple of fall flat, but the originality that surrounds them, coupled with the fact there is not only one solution, is extremely welcome indeed. Exploring your environment will always pay dividends, but if you would like to place your own brain to the job you certainly can.

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