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About The Game

This game is worthy of the latest in the fighting game world. In fact, in a bold move, the developer claims to have created something unique, declaring that this is the world’s only third-person brawl for this platform. The description is pretty accurate – imagine Smash Bros with the added third dimension. 

We’ll start by explaining the overall story of the game and detailing the twists and turns that await you as you progress through Divine Knockout (DKO). Or at least if possible, but unfortunately nothing is resembling the story here. Some Gods appear in the same place at the same time and seem to have more to do with time than cause havoc. 

The game is pretty good, to be honest.  The three dimensions of the Divine Knockout (DKO)’s battle arena work well and the arena is very clever. From giant rolling boulders to central spinning pillars with spikes that rise and fall to catch the unwary, each one has a specific trick. The stage designs are all very good, including rotating platforms, vanishing platforms, and danger zones that are haunted by ghosts.





Game Features

The characters you can choose from are all fun too, with tiny, almost hyper-deformed versions of the various gods in action. There are also mere human beings. Anyway, there’s a good character selection that covers all the bases on the offensive side. 

There’s also nice sound from the soothing music and crunch hits, and there are plenty of nice announcements for special moves. Overall, Divine Knockout (DKO) looks and sounds very good considering the fast animations and a lot of flashy action. fits the theme.

Divine Knockout (DKO) is just a push of a button, no real tactics are required to win on the actual combat side. By pressing the X button, you can perform a three-hit combo that’s enough to knock enemies out. Do that over and over again, and they’ll pop off the edge of the stage and take you down like Smash Bros. The devs borrowed the enemy’s overhead meter to show how much they’ve been knocked out, and when you see someone surrounding them with 150% Halo, you know you still need to hit them some more. increase. 

However, it certainly does more than just press X for combat actions. Each character also has special attacks that can be unleashed with a quick press of a shoulder button, from Sol’s fireball to Hercules’ rockfall, and these will set the tide of battle, especially if you unleash him in a contested area. You can change it. There is also an ultimate move that can be triggered by charging and then pressing the trigger. These usually have a large area of ​​effect and can confuse enemies if they hit them. However, in 3D it becomes very difficult to land these movements. The long build-up time of these attacks also does not contribute to the surprise factor. 

The game modes on offer are also mixed. There is a head-to-head death match with 8 KO wins from the beginning. There is a mode to collect coins from the arena floor and deposit them in chests. There is also King of the Hill where you must capture the ring on the floor of the arena to prevent the enemy from taking it back. In addition to attacking enemies, especially in the coin round, attacking enemies from the Deposit zone not only gives a sense of satisfaction but also drops coins, so all is well. Divine Knockout (DKO) default game mode is 3v3 online battles with crossplay enabled by default. Whether you’re teaming up with friends or working with random people from the internet, you’ll have no trouble getting the game. There are other modes – 2v2 and 1v1 to be precise – but these game modes are locked until you win enough rounds to unlock them. Additionally, these other modes are combat only, so if you want to do anything other than press X, you’ll have to stay in 3v3.

The same goes for the majority of the roster of Gods – they are either locked away behind a paywall, or you can keep playing – and playing, and playing – until you have leveled a God up multiple times, after which you will be awarded a token to unlock a new character. And it is here where the problem arises with Divine Knockout (DKO) – as a game to play with a few mates, at a party, it is pretty good fun, however, for a long-term proposal the maths is a little more difficult, with the investment in time required to make a dent in the roster of locked Gods a little too grindy. You can pay real money to unlock the God’s you don’t have. 

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