Tree of Savior Game Review


About The Game

Tree of Savior is constructed MMORPG with a surprisingly deep combat system that challenges players to think of new strategies and lavish graphics. Tree of Savior’s character classes that are varied — 80 in total classes — and their various job progress guarantee that you’ll find something you like to play.

You can play ToS with a party or solo, taking on their unique strikes, each one among them a distinct and significant challenge and countless main creatures. Along the way, you’ll hunt for the missing goddesses and protect the land from monster attacks in open world events.

Tree of Savior game is a fantasy MMORPG and widely considered the pure successor. Start with picking between advance to new types: Swordsman, Cleric, Wizard, or Archer, and one of four ideal groups by leveling up, mixing and matching abilities from multiple groups. Grind countless amounts of cute creatures, across multiple zones with fairy tale atmospheres. Encounter one of over 200 bosses that are uniquely designed and squirm through dungeons to upgrade your gear, requiring teamwork to defeat the monsters. Join the guild and engage in large scale war with other players, leaving no zone safe from enemy assaults. Or enter the PVP arena and test your abilities. Power and craft new items up existing equipment to get the upper hand on the battlefield.





Game Features

Group Class – advanced through over 80 classes and choose from one of four starting classes.
SoundTEMP Soundtrack – grind to a captivating soundtrack composed by soundTEMP, the same musical group involved with Ragnarok Online.
Dungeon Crawling – instanced dungeons to update your equipment and defeat aesthetically different bosses with other players.
PvP Gameplay – join a guild and participate in large scale warfare or enter the arena and test your abilities.
Fairy Tale Aesthetic – a charming world bordering with intricately designed characters and landscapes copied from the pages of a fairy tale.

By narrowing a limited selection of hairstyles to fit avatar’s eyes, every player starts character customization. Select between four categories divide between two sexes, molding your character with predefined hairstyles tied to hair colors. Ragnarok Online released in 2002 offered more variety than Tree of Savior ; at least Ragnarok Online had skin tone variety. Some customization is locked in the vaults of the cash store, so you have to spend real money in game to buy it.

Like Black Desert Online, Tree of Savior shoves streamlined player models where every character adheres to some standard that is set. Instead of customization upon starting the game, players are required to earn in-game things or turn to the cash shop for the character. Tree of Savior captures a distressing tendency for players interested in personalizing their avatars.

Tree of Savior’s will make you hook in the fight. Like other MMOs that are Korean Tree of Savior returns to the roots of its influential genre by emphasizing mob-grinding over quest progression, possibly trying to capture the core of what makes old Korean MMORPG so popular back then. Because of fluid battle animations and bold, but straightforward, attacks battle engaging even when persistent is kept by the game. Tree of Savior even gets its grinding abilities when leveling. Some compare the Tree Of Savior as a new well-developed version of Ragnarok Online, the ToS game was created by the same developer yet you can expect more additional features in Tree of Savior.

Direct trading between players is almost nonexistent. If you’re picking up swords you can’t throw it. The only option would be to head to the bazaar and pawn away that gleaming sword to get rid of it. As with Black Desert Online, trading restrictions may have the great intent of restricting gold selling but it’s done little to curtail junk ads in chat. By abusing the marketplace to pawn away gold and websites have found loopholes like other games, it is one of the main reasons why an MMORPG gaming system die.

Game Trailer

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