Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game Review


About The Game 

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an action role playing game that derived from Lord of the Rings universe. The plot of the game was taken from the event of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings sequel. The 3D graphics of the game gives distinctive details to the characters and its environment. Tailon and his family were massacred by the servant of Dark Lord Sauron when his orc armies invaded the outpost. That is why Tailon agreed to Celebrimtor, a wraith who also get killed by Sauron to take vengeance to Sauron.





Game Features

Many players think that the Shadow of Mordor gameplay and strategies is based on Assassin Creed. However, this notion will definitely change when you get to play the game. That is why Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor takes many credits in game review site, that Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is one the best game in its category for this year.

  • Fast pace action/fantasy theme with high resolution graphics.
  • The story line and gameplay are definitely one of a kind nowadays.

  • Talion: he is the main character in the game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. He and his family were killed by the servant of Sauron, when they assaulted the outpost. When Tailon was ready to meet his wife and son in the afterlife, suddenly he encountered the powerful wraith Celebrimbor. In order to avenge their fate to the hand of Sauron, Talion agreed to fuse with Celebrimtor to fulfill his vengeance.
  • Sauron: he is the person who forged the mystical one ring, and the most trusted right hand of Melkor. Sauron killed Celebrimtor after he trusted him and give the crafting tools to make power ring.
  • Gollum: is a hobbit who’s really obsessed with one ring. He acquired the ring by treachery and took it to misty mountain. He lives through century because of the ring’s evil influence, and his mind and body are totally corrupted.
  • Hirgon: he was a ranger stationed in The Black Gate. He was keen in his duty to guard and serve the Black Gate. However, Hirgon fell in love to outcast woman, Eryn. Hirgon was exiled to the Black Gate, and lived his life together with the outcast and his beloved wife, Eryn.
  • Eryn: is an outcast woman who helps prisoners to give what they need and feed them. She also sings to them to ease their boredom and sadness. Because of her beautiful voice, Hirgon was attracted and fell in love with her.
  • Dirhael: he was a son of Loreth and Talion and born and raised on the Black gate. Dirhael wants to be a ranger just like his father and grandfather. However, during the attack in the outpost he was killed along with his father and mother by the Black Hand.
  • Celebrimtor: is a wraith who lends his power to Talion for his revenge. In his past life, he was a known master crafter for making ring. Celebrimtor was tortured and killed by Sauron along with his family. In the game, Celebrimitor didn’t know what happen to neither his past life nor his name until he met Gollum.

If you preoder your Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor via Best Buy, Steam, Amazon and GameStop you can access a particular game bonus for your main character.

If you purchase it through Amazon, you can have the Deadly Archer Rune that gives Tailon extra dealing damage to Sauron Captains in every headshot.

If you buy in Best Buy, you can get the Flame of Armor Rune that give Tailon the ability to burst into flames his blade and dealing high combo damage that can set fire to the enemies.

If you choose GameStop to preoder your Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor you can get the Hidden Blade Rune that can make Tailon deal extra damage to Sauron Captains in stealth mode.

But lastly, if you preorder through Steam, Tilon can access the Orc Slayer Rune that gives him extra damage against Sauron Captains in special attacks.

Game Trailer

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