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About The Game

Path of Exile is an action RPG from the Diablo mold — or, more especially, the mold which spawned Diablo 2.  It is darker and more menacing than Diablo 3 plus a bit more hardcore, swapping the gloss and production worthy of Blizzard’s epic for ludicrously profound personality development and a more competitive attitude.  It has been around for a couple of years on PC but is just now making its console debut on Xbox One.  Another thing you will need to be aware of is that it is absolutely free to play.

There aren’t any doubtful practices where you need to purchase gems with actual cash or dab to prevent delays.  No, it is possible to really enjoy the game when paying nothing.  There’s an in-game shop where you could purchase pets along with a selection of cosmetic improvements.  

There is something somewhat peculiar and minimalist, even Dark Souls-like, in regards to the storytelling.  You play with an exile dumped onto a barbarous, inhospitable island to your offenses of the deed or thought from an oppressive empire.  Your quest for your very first couple of hours is just to endure, then by simply taking on quests to your fellow exiles, hit back against the corrupt forces which have put you here.

The very best method to do this, clearly, would be to slaughter epic amounts of shambling undead drowners, feral cannibals, goatmen, skeletons, assorted beasts, psychotic apes, tentacled monstrosities, dodgy soldiers, wicked bandits and a great deal more — often since they won’t stop attacking you as you are attempting to get from A to B.  To put it differently, it is hack-and-slash activity all the way.





Game Features

That is where all of those outlets and gems arrive in.  Your present weapon has one feeble default assault, mapped into the A button on Xbox One, however by collecting stone and sticking them into each accessible socket onto your weapon(s), either shield or armour, you may use a variety of stronger, frequently magical attacks, triggered by another face buttons alone — or using an R cause modifier.

These jewels do not only enhance your damage per minute or assault rates, but really, specify the attacks you may pull off; this may signify a criss-cross double-swipe, a crowd-clearing dip, or even any other brutal blow.  Other jewels behave in a supportive part, imbuing your strikes with elemental damage, or increasing the area of effect.  Others still behave as charms or magic abilities, so that you are able to state, summon a totem using a jump guardian monster who will batter any enemies in scope.

Obviously, the true combat is only half of the challenge.  Sure, the Path of Exile throws enemies at you thick and fast, hoping you to hammer away in the face buttons to decrease the dash of monsters into some manageable crawl.  But despite the fact that there’s some ability in picking strikes, audience and positioning control, there is arguably more in construction and tweaking your personality and load-out to deal with each circumstance.

This implies not only upgrading your firearms and optimising stone and sockets but also employing the elaborate passive capability skill tree to make a construct that supports your preferred style of play.

The development systems might appear over-complex — and there is a whole lot of micromanagement — but it delivers an immense quantity of flexibility.  Path of Exile includes Diablo-style preset personalities, covering your fundamental witches, witches, bow-wielding rangers and various rogues, but you also may set up your personality to borrow abilities and combat designs from across the entire selection.  And — as in almost any fantastic Diablo clone — that the easy cycle of slaughter, leveling up, looting, updating, and pursuit ending make for a devilishly addictive moment.  Path of Exile is every bit as more-ish since the larger name activity RPGs.

That does not make it a Diablo 3 killer.  Visually, it is not bad whatsoever by the standards of this genre, together with well-designed monsters and some gorgeous scenery.  The console version gains from less display furniture plus a more lively close-in view.  But it is possible to see indications of a group working hard to extend fewer resources, while Blizzard’s command of this art, cartoon, and detail sets Diablo 3 on another level — even though some hardcore D2 lovers will favor Path of Exile’s less vibrant style.  

More seriously, the Xbox One variant is not exactly a paragon of equilibrium or specialized polish.  As soon as it’s a ton better than the first closed beta, it still hangs or disconnects from time to time, whereas the activity is frequently disrupted by abrupt freezes, followed by an equally abrupt burst of hyper-speed movement, presumably since the host catches up.  It needs a live host link, so there is no getting around this, and it may bring about a departure if it occurs in the incorrect time in the incorrect location.  

Fortunately, Path of Exile has several other benefits to compensate.  The neighborhood looks pretty friendly, as well as the MMO-style shared city spaces provide you chances to interact or exchange straight with your fellow adventurers.  You might even play with co-op with around five players, and because the game is effectively free to appreciate, that is good news for those who own a lot of Xbox One-owning mates.  You are not asking anybody to commit any money simply to connect you online.

Most importantly, there is a generosity of soul.  True, Path of Exile allure to the more hardcore action RPG enthusiast, but it does not mean it is inaccessible or hard to pick-up.  It seems like a match created for fans from fans who do not wish to stitch those up, lovers.  Tweaks, improvements and the growth from four functions to ten create the console Path of Exile even more of a sneak compared to the PC version was at launch (and also the free Fall of Oriath expansion gives PC gamers parity there).

It’s not ideal and its specialized problems require serious work.  In general, however, Path of Exile is a cracker of an old-school action-RPG.  And it is completely free.  Would you like Diablo?  Want to take your first steps to the genre?  Well, honestly, what the hell have you got to lose?

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