Fez Game Review


About The Game

Fez is a game that combines the old and the new to present a thrilling experience to its users. This funny game could leave you with a lasting smile for the better part of your day. One thing you cannot take away in this game is the touch of brilliance. It encourages you to play on and on. Solving a puzzle in the game opens a fresh game that leads to a mysterious world. The retro style is an additional charm in the game. Fez gives a glimmer to the 2D game days and the nostalgia sets in.

Fez gameplay rotates 2D on 3RD axis transformations and revives an excitement in a nearly forgotten classic game dimension. It comes with smart and intriguing puzzles that your mind can’t just stop trying to solve. You can play Fez for long without incurring much cost.





Game Features

  • Fez is the most accessible indie game on the Indie game category.
  • It is designed in such a way that if a player misses out on some screens, he misses unique aspects that make the game more interesting.
  • It appeals to thinkers and explorers alike. It is fitted with crystal clear sound tracks and exciting atmosphere.
  • The load of secrets the game offers you to uncover is perhaps the most stimulating aspect of Fez.

The game is particularly an attraction for players because it is full of challenges. It carries the subtle elements that make a game exciting. It also presents a brilliant display of clear and intense colors. It is the ultimate custom pixel for games in its range.

Fez is a typical sidecroller puzzle that was made with an incredible level of genius. This is a fact some users would choose to dispute but a closer look reveals that the game offers a comprehensive gaming experience. For this reason, it has also been described as an open puzzle game. Each of the game’s various components adds to the enjoyment of the game. It comes with a unique language too.

Game Trailer

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