Adventure Quest World Game Review


About The Game

Adventure Quest World is an adventure game is brought into market by Artix Entertainment. This is a 2D game. The anime like graphics is used in this game which is quite notable on the face of the characters. This is a multiplayer game and at the same time more than one player can combat with the enemies. After killing the monster, the player gains more power, experience and gold points. The theme of the game is fantasy.


After creating the account in the game, the player has to choose his class first. There are four such classes like rogue, healer, maze, and worrier. At the beginning of the play the player will get a default weapon. With each step forward, the player will gain more power, experience, weapons by defeating the monsters. All the separate classes have some special abilities which are unlocked in the level four or ten depending on the class of the characters. There will be automatic attack ability in all the characters. In total every class will have five abilities.






Game Features

The game has 2D graphics. This is also an online browser game. Though it is a game of 2D graphics, the graphics is quite satisfactory. In the game you will receive class point by defeating the enemies. If the difficulty level of the enemy is high, you will get higher class points for that. You don’t need to fight with individual monster one by one. Rather you can fight with them together. This is real time battle. If you opt for membership you will get more weapons.

There are thirteen Lords of chaos who are unleashed. They are creating all sorts of chaotic corruptions in the nearby forest. The player has to kill all the monsters to free the land from the chaotic characters like spiders, bear, wolf etc. You have to fight with Drakath who is the lord of all darkness. You can win the last level by defeating him.

You have to customize your character from the four different classes. You have to kill the monsters and the spiders who work under Drakath, the lord of darkness. You have to kill the thirteen lords of chaos also.

When you will defeat the enemies, you will get bonus points accordingly. You will get the bonus points by gaining gold coins.

Game Trailer

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