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With the most recent launch of Nintendo Switch, everyone’s been insane and hooked with this particular new console and needless to say, the new Zelda game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game unleashes you on a vast world and dares you to explore. It’s, in several respects, a return to the ethos of the first Legend of Zelda. It is a refreshing change.

The game actually underlines the absolute independence of the game. Right from the start, the player is free to approach Breath of the Wild however they select. Gone is the drawn-out prologue that features the hunt for your first weapon, shield and laying out the now well-recognized storyline. Instead, Link is instantly placed loose in the (completely tremendous) property of Hyrule and is free to explore.





Game Features

It helps the landscape is totally amazing. Hyrule is awash with color, showing off Breath of the Wild’s dazzling visual style. It will not establish any technical standards like Horizon Zero Dawn – at times feels may seem blurry both on the big screen and on the Switch’s 6.2-inch display – but the artwork is absolutely stunning. The variety on offer on the other side of the property, from the snowcapped mountains up north to the most stunning realization yet of Zora’s Realm, or the volcanic reaches of Death Mountain, is jaw dropping. Hyrule is a lovely spot to be.

This really is, in addition, the biggest Hyrule Nintendo has ever created, in both breadth and depth. Having a purely huge open world wouldn’t mean much if there wasn’t so much to do it, however there are tons. There are the 100 Shrines – essentially mini-puzzles which reward the player with “Spirit Orbs” to earn new hearts or a heightened stamina pub – together with God knows how many Kokiri children to hunt for their Korok seeds, stables to locate and enroll horses, and towers to scale to unlock more of the map. You may even shoot pictures of everything in sight to finish the Sheikah Slate’s compendium.

There’s almost infinite content to relish. And, yet more, the game never supports you to do one thing over another, nor does it tell you the best way to do anything, and that’s the reason this encounter is really memorable and rewarding.

Nothing is ever expressly said in Breath of the Wild, just in order for it to be immediately forgotten, but instead, the game mechanisms are a run of excellent lightbulb minutes.

For instance, the most iconic weapon perhaps in all the gaming, the Master Sword, is concealed deep within a portion of the planet and at no point does the game let you know the best way to get it. You really have to go and hunt for it, having examined the map and having a hunch it was seen in a special place.

This awareness of benefit is additionally raised by the astonishing challenge offered in Breath of the Wild, that is the most demanding of the series to date. Every weapon, bow, and shield that Link picks up are perishable, be it through wear and tear or environmental risks. Learning to forage and clamber is key to survival, and every enemy probably will provide you with a quite rough time in the event you are lacking adequate meals and back-up playthings before embarking on the following quest.

The surroundings are frequently as chilling and lethal as the enemies, also. After working not simply to gather a string of weapons and shields with great stats, I made my way towards the following dungeon. It was about a 15-minute walk, and in that time a lightning storm had formed overhead. What I didn’t understand was that, if Link is taking metal things in a thunderstorm, the lightning is brought to his weapons and certainly will hit our hero down. The lone way to save him is by either concealing under shelter until the storm passes, or throwing all the hard-earned offending items. It’s fiendish and unforgiving, but never unjust.

Cooking is also one of the surprising delights in Breath of the Wild. There’s no cookbook to instruct you which ingredients combine to the maximum benefit, meaning you just must throw things together in the pot and expect that what comes out is edible. Different mixtures of ingredients will have distinct results – some will only replenish Link’s hp or raise his resistance to cold or hot climates, while some are going to offer you additional hearts or even an additional stamina wheel. Learning what combinations work best is the secret to taking on tougher foes – but the lone way to learn is through experiment.

The overall storyline leaves matters completely up to the player in they manner in which they decide to undertake Ganon. A century before the onset of the match, the “Great Calamity” saw Ganon ruin Link and his group of heroes, kidnapping Zelda in the way. To be able to safeguard Link in the hope that one day he will return and save her, Zelda sends him to a cavern to rest and recover. Link awakens with amnesia, and must subsequently undertake a journey of rediscovery, retracing his steps and working out both who he is and who his heroic buddies were, as a way to take down Calamity Ganon.

Just a few niggles might put you away. One is the somewhat hammy voice acting, though it is just used in cut scenes thus does not affect the game too much. It is the very first time a Zelda game has had voice acting in it, and I believe Nintendo’s inexperience with this shows.

The other is an occasional drop in operation. While Zelda mainly runs at a solid 30fps on Switch, when things get heated, or in particular when Link is running through a dense patch of grass, it can take a fairly significant hit.

But neither of all these are sufficient to stand in the way of what’s a fantastic encounter. You will be consistently staggered by how great this game is. The innovative layout of its own Shrines and the “big four” dungeons alone will make your jaw drop.

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