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About The Game

Microsoft’s been harping on about Crackdown 3 game review for what seems like forever. But we had seen woefully little actual gameplay in the futuristic open-world shot — till today. At this year’s E3 Microsoft finally lifted the lid on Crackdown 3, giving us a chance to get my mitts on the game.

Let us begin with the fundamentals. Crackdown follows the same formula as previous entries into the show, placing you in the role of a futuristic super-policeman using a suit of powered armor and futuristic weapons that make you stronger than most superheroes.

For a supercop you are then expected to run across the open-world town, picking up assignments and addressing the different undesirable elements plaguing the city’s inhabitants.

The basic format is a bit old school and seems to follow the same “area” system as old games such as Homefront the Revolution and Mafia 3, albeit with a less serious tone. All the color-coded gangs control particular regions of the city which are indicated on your map. To clean the gang you need to go in with guns blazing and remove every enemy in every one of their foundations or hangouts.





Game Features

Developer Sumo Digital claims it has added depth by incorporating strong multiplayer elements which allow you to team up with other supercops on the internet, and a reputation-based system where factions will change their behavior and attitude based on your activities.

Spying a group of enemies below, a struck on the Melee button mid-fall and performed among Crackdown’s iconic ground pound strikes. In addition to sending the enemies flying in all directions, the attack caused a satisfying amount of collateral damage to the surrounding city and delivered over a few cars skywards.

Running in guns blazing with my beginning shotgun/assault rifle combo was quickly blasted to bits and made to execute a tactical retreat to the peak of a skyscraper and rethink the approach. With precious moments left the rep tapped me on the shoulder and pointed me in the path of a glistening marker in the distance marking the location of a superweapon.

After securing the weapon, but staying unsure what it really was, then returned to a rooftop on the outskirts of the foundation and ready to mount the second attack. Shooting the puzzle gun was pleased to see what can only describe as a black hole launcher, that fired giant black orbs that sucked and disintegrated all neighboring objects.

Blasting willy-nilly to the chemical the gun was wonderfully satisfying to use and led to a domino effect of destruction where each generator in the chemical shorted leading into the mother of all explosions. The fallout damage that followed my assault on the enemy base also revealed a little insight into Crackdown’s cause and effect system.

After grabbing one of the town’s highrise monorails from the burst and sending it flying straight down a busy road, the authorities and transportation company apparently took note and exclusion to my actions. Cue the credits along with a cliffhanger to my brief trip into the world of Crackdown 3.

The satisfying combat structure was further aided by the game’s graphics. Testing Crackdown in 4K on the Xbox One X that the game’s stylised, comic book-like images looked great, textures were wonderfully comprehensive and particle effects are a cut above most competing names.

The big question, however, is if the battle will be sufficient to keep players engaged in what, at the moment, looks like a rather old-school game which follows the same “go here and kill things” assignment format that is as old as the hills. Let us hope it can bring something different to the table once the time comes.

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