Halo: The Master Chief Collection Game Review


About The Game 

Halo game series inspired millions of gamers in the history of gaming, some spent hundreds of dollars on new gaming console just to play the Halo game.





Game Features


You can also switch from Halo 2 into Halo 3 easily. Bombastic set pieces like the battle on the Scarab, the Scorpion tank trek across the bridge, and the Banshee run near the end all mix with a plot that ably weaves the parallel stories of Master Chief and the Arbiter.

The Halo games run at 60fps and it doubled the speed that gives the campaigns and multiplayer modes to run smoothly. All but Halo 2 game resolution run at 1080p. The local splitscreen co-op revived in all four series. It is now more playable unlike before on much larger TV it is because the help of 1080p lines resolution.

Halo 2 soundtrack is outstanding because it has been remastered, the sounds became bigger and fuller while remaining to the original sound track. The soundtrack have been added with Master Chief’s metallic footsteps, weapon sound has been replaced with more aggressive versions. The Battle and sniper rifle sound effect has been updated as well.

The only cons of online functionality are freezes, crashes to desktop, waiting times to being dumped into random map and gametype option that was not voted by players, parties being split up into separate teams, uneven team pairings, etc. So, you have to deal with those bugs if you want to play online with Master Chief Collection. It seems Halo 2 was a lot easier to play with your friends before than today.

Hopefully these kind of cons of Master Chief Collection’s massive online multiplayer will be fixed soon. As we know many players waited for years to play Halo 2 again on Xbox Live and to play the original Halo’s multiplayer online.

Overall the Master Chief Collection has many positive changes and improvements on most of its promises. It includes in four full games worth of of solo player and co-op, all running better framerate and graphics. However the only complaint is the online multiplayer glitches. The Halo’s massive multiplayer function is currently needs to be taken care of. Most players are hoping that Microsoft fix its servers and gaming party issues until then the groundbreaking enhanced Halo 2 multiplayer is still an unfulfilled promise.

The Master Chief Collection is still a great game, a kind of game that every Halo fan should get. This kind of collection delivers a way lots more than an avid Halo fan could have reasonable imagined. Regardless of multiplayer online issues that the developer should put an attention to, it is still an insane game that packs with first person shooter greatness onto only one disc. Halo reliving old gaming memories and creating new experiences once again after a decade.

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