Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Game Review


About The Game 

Final Fantasy XIV gameplay features a history of improvement from its preliminary launch, it is currently gone through a significant revision titled A Realm Reborn, but now we’re prepared for its first expansion, Heavensward. Welcome to Ishgard, frozen battleground in between knights and dragons. Since the cliff-hanger ending in patch v2.55, players of Final Fantasy XIV happen to be anxiously awaiting to check out the next updates for our heroes, but it is crucial to note that to be able to perform Heavensward, you will require to have finished |all the primary story quests from A Realm Reborn.





Game Features

Astrologian: Ishgard provides players 3 new jobs, the new playable race, and expanded skill sets for current jobs, as well as a heap of new dungeons, maps, and enemies. The quantity of entertaining game content continues to become impressive, and Square Enix has carried out a great job at maintaining old content nonetheless relevant for new players whilst maintaining the new stuff feeling fresh. It is incredible that even with over 30 dungeons.

It is exactly the same as the new jobs. The first new 3 jobs of Astrologian, a card wielding healing job having a powerful skill set. The Astrologian relies on a deck of cards to dish out healing and deal offensive or defensive buffs. Whilst they endure from a lack of any damage dealing skills, boosting the party’s skills assists make up for the loss of damage that a comparable scholar or white mage can apply in most situations. In eight player content the Astrologian can switch between the two stances to create synergy with a white mage or a scholar. Although it possesses a little higher learning curve, the Astrologian is great towards the healing role which is valuable skill assistance.

Dark Knight: Next is one of the most anticipated new jobs of Heavensward. This great sword-wielding tank frontliner provides much more involved skills to get a tank class. The Dark Knight have to balance both HP and MP to be able to remain alive while the enemies off the healers and damage dealers. By Unleashing their inner darkness it will provide an increase of damage mitigation while dealing more damage of a continuous MP drain. Other skills just like the Living Dead offer survivability by enabling the tank to stay at 1 HP even dealing with most fatal damage but if the Dark Knight is not healed for the value of their full HP, they will die when the buff wears off.

Skills of healer and tank plays a major role and it require an extreme co-ordination. If it done right it pays off.

Machinist: By using guns and turret, the Machinist deals a rapid damage while maintaining a high level of mobillity. Turrets can be promoted to support-style machines to increase either MP or TP regeneration for the whole party members which is similar to a Bard’s song. Machinist is one of the most complicated damage dealing classes to play with. Even the basic combo requires an ammunition buff having a 50% combo chain.

The base game’s story is extremely complicated, detailed, and, it is clear that Square Enix wanted to concentrate heavily on continuing the great plot points in Heavensward. Sadly, numerous cut scenes are nonetheless pretty stiff with questionable voice acting, as well as with such deep and meaningful characters, watching your Warrior of Light, the non-playable character performs scripted emotes can get tiring.

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