Kingdom Under Fire 2 Game Review


About The Game 

Kingdom Under Fire 2 gameplay is an RTS with distinct combination of Role Playing Game (RPG) and Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO). There are two selections in game modes, which are single player games and multi-player mode. The distinctive combination of RTS and action RPG is a great challenge for those who like to experience different style of games which you actually control a multiple troops while their main character can run around freely.





Game Features

It is definitely undeniable that the Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a blockbuster in its kind, perfecting both action and Real-Time Strategy game with sophisticated and intense action altogether. A well detailed graphic in every element of the game will truly set a new level of gaming today.

Multiplayer Online Games (MMO) is the most popular category in the world of games right now, due to its wide selection of players. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is most suitable to your perception due to its epic war scale. Conquer your foes and raise your banners guild as the ultimate vanquisher of the game.

There are three classes in Kingdom Under Fire 2 namely:

  • Berserker: He can inflict fear in the frontline because of his brutal strength. He can sweep the whole army in one swing because of the raw power he holds. The gauntlet of the berserker said to be possessed with power of darkness, he wields colossal bastard sword.
  • Spellsword: Is a sage Dark-Elf warrior who likes to fight in the center of the battlefield. She can turn the flow of the outcome in the battlefield using her magic. Her combat style depends in the outcome of the battle, she can use blade if she thinks opponents are still manageable then may opt to use wand if the swarm of enemies are no longer manageable.
  • Gunslinger: Is a human swordsman who can adapt in various circumstances. He is aggressive, reckless and likes to charge in enemy line just to break their formation. He has a very cunning style for mixing the rifle for range, and sword for short attack.

  • Glen: Son of Gerald, Glen is a part Elf in nature. In this status he lives longer than a normal human, however this also why most of the humans hate him because he lives longer than them. Glen joined in army to find his place and to be acknowledged.
  • Kendal: An Ecclesian who has a strong faith and keen in his beliefs, in terms of strength Kendal is equal to his rival Reginier’s power, the weapons of his choice are mace and hammer. The Bluside confirmed that Kendal story will be more important than ever before.
  • Regnier: The sudden changes of fate occur when he was mutated. His power is more devastating and he even surpasses his previous power. He is now bigger, stronger and his appearances totally change, he even overpowers ogres. He uses a massive sword that can fit in his strength.
  • PvP System: Every PvP fight is actual and real time with many players. You can band up with guilds and battle others with your army.

Game Trailer

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