Farm Heroes Saga Game Review


About The Game

The graphics of Farm Heroes Saga game is adorably cute. Minute elements like appearance and facial niceties of the vegetables, crops, water, sun and animals reach the level of the game to an extreme level of cuteness and prove too attractive. These small elements make this addictive for all players. A player has to collect crops on his way to collect stars. The player can get 3 stars, but for that he has to collect maximum number of crops which is quite intricate.


Farm Heroes Saga gameplay is about travelling through farms along with animals, and you have to collect crops to get the stars. Your major obstacles would be Rancid the racoon, and to reach the next level you have to collect the minimum amount of required crops. The




farm02re are two elements that the player needs to collect in fulsome amount, water and sun.

Game Features

Farm Heroes Saga game is precisely addictive and cute, and anyone whether an amateur player or a professional one would love to enjoy the elements in this game. The main character is a farmer who is accompanied by dogs and pigs wearing galoshes and goggles and various other creatures. This game doesn’t only require earning points, but you also have to diverse tasks that differ from level to level.


The farmer has to pass through different levels where he is specified with a certain number of moves. He has to save the farm animals from the opponents and has to harvest a specified amount of crops which includes: suns, strawberries, raindrops, onions and other cutely featured elements.

Farm Heroes Saga characters The Farmer, Rancid the raccoon, farm animals and other elements like crops, sun and raindrops.

Along with the engaging gameplay, the cute elements like the smiling suns, the pig wearing the goggles would surely be a bonus during the play.

Game Trailer

The following YouTube link can also make you much familiar to the game:

You can visit the game website of Farm Heroes Saga Game to understand the game more.

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