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About The Game

Clash of Clans strike the App Store in its 1.7 launch on June 13th 2012, right after spending a while in closed beta. The game is set in a medieval village that you control. In your village, there are resources to earn like elixir and gold. Gems are the virtual currency. There are also defenses to build around your village like walls, canons, and archer towers. Troops power your offensive strategy, to be used when attacking another village. ‘Clans’ are when villages band together and share resources, which seems to be a key social element for higher level players. Overall, the decision making opportunities are fantastic for thinking through trade-offs.






Game Features

Clash of Clans gameplay Clans asks you to construct a village and populate it with every thing. A town hall for leadership, a gold mine for money, a military camp to hold your warriors, an Elixir collector to collect additional useful resource from the ether – pretty shortly you have a lot of architectural structures and work on it.

As you develop and broaden your tiny camp right into a burgeoning fortress you unlock a lot more building structure types, but by no means enough to weigh you down with choices. Hit a higher level and you also can take over the Clan Castle, enabling you to forge allegiances with other gamers, improve your barracks, and develop several types of unit.

You will find more types of unit to unlock, although not enough for any of these to appear perfunctory on the battlefield. It is in the battles which you first enjoy the need for skill. The initial couple of battles with all the AI are easy-peasy. Simply build sufficient Barbarians to overrun the Goblin hideout, and watch them take it apart.

Then you run up against an enemy barricade using a couple of cannons and a huge chunky wall, and you happen to be done for. Your hand-to-hand units can’t tear the wall down quickly enough, and your archers are too busy plundering resources to notice that they are becoming fired on by cannons.

So you improve your Barracks and right after a while you have Giants and Wall Breakers. Now you’ll be able to smash through those same walls with a well-placed bomb, along with your Giants are dismantling cannons easily. think about which components you need to concentrate on creating inside your camp.

Once you initially attacked by another real-life player and lost the battle. The first thing to focus with is your foundation to be avoid to wiped out, you are going to watch the replay to determine how it happened, rebuild the town, and perhaps shore up certain areas of your base. Then it is the time to train troops and try to battle again to show them who’s the boss.

Try formulating which is much better defenses or more fatal types of attack keeps you returning, as well as the well-calibrated match-making system to make sure you will not be discouraged or bored in game.

Game Trailer

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